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   Cum on down! (My throat :O)
 ID#: 1162 ;   Date posted: March 3, 2016;   Expire date: March 1, 2026;             6739 visits
  Ad Type: Cruise Area  
  Services Offered: Cum Sucking;  
  Reciprocation: Reciprocation Possible  
  Nearby City: Atlanta GA  
  Specific City/Suburb: LaGrange  

  Brief Description:    I'll come to you so you can cum in me. Fully-anonymous, no strings, no drama, and recurring if you enjoyed the previous experience.  

  More Details:    Here's a quick overview of what to expect and what is expected. I am a 30 y/o bearded beast. I need cum from other men to increase testosterone intake and testosterone output. Two birds, one stone, and free in comparison to going to a doctor for medicine. So yes, I will suck your dick until you cum right down my throat. Age isn't much of a concern. Those who are interested must adhere to the following: 1) No STD's, including HPV 2) Uphold a sense of sophistication (I do not care of what you look like, but you must be intelligent.) 3)A dick, size matters not.------That's about it, email if you are interested. Here's a few details about me to give you an idea of what type of man I am. I am 6'4"/230lbs/Caucasian. I have a lebret lip piercing and 3 tattoos. Pics can be established via email. I think that about covers it, uhh if you're in a relationship with another dick then it too can be sucked. The more the better! Hit me up, the GH part is only optional, you all know this.  

  Screen Name: --  
  Age: 30-40  
  Yahoo IM: --  
  MSN IM: --  
  I Agree to The Terms of Service: I Agree;  

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