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Be aware that except in porno videos, most gloryholes are operated by men...but do you really care?
If you are a straight man, think of it as a sex toy . . . just slide your cock in a hole and cum.
It's anonymous sex . . . your wife, gf, and friends won't know!


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Top: Bookstore/Sex Shop
 ID#: 169 ;   Date posted: August 19, 2011;   Expire date: August 16, 2021;             3384 visits
  Business Name: Extreme Pleasures  
  Address: 87 Gazza Blvd  
  Nearby City: Long Island NY  
  Specific City/Suburb: FARMINGDALE  

  Brief Description:    video/buddy booths theater open 7 days 10am till midnight mention glory hole db for $5 admission to the theater  

  More Details:    25,000+ dvd's starting @ $5.99 n up! lubes, lotions and poppers and herbal sex pills! 2 rooms full of sex toys  

  Contact Phone: 631-414-7350  

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