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Glory Hole Protocol and Information

What you need to know about Glory Holes


  • Glory-Hole: A small hole in the wall between two rooms. The hole is placed at crotch level for an average man and is large enough for a man to place his penis through it to let the person on the other side lick, suck, fuck or otherwise masturbate it .There are several variations of what a glory hole is.
  • Tea room: Public toilet areas where this type of sexual activity happens are often called Tea rooms.
  • Buddy Booth: Buddy booths are video booths where a glass partition with dual curtains separates the two booths. The curtain on both sides can be lowered or raised, but you control only the curtain in your booth. In some cases the window can be lowered if both people press the button another version of a buddy booth has a door which latches on both sides booths.
  • Private Video Booth: Many adult bookstores have an area where you can pay to have an adult video played for a minute or so on a TV screen right in front of you. The booths are designed for one person to fit in them and in some areas, these booths have doors on them.
  • Couples Booth: A couples booth is a booth that is much larger than a normal booth. It may have a larger than normal seat or a bench. More importantly, it is a booth that the establishment will tolerate more than one person being in.
  • Top: A top is a man who wants to be serviced by getting a blow job, hand job, or by fucking another man.
  • Bottom: A bottom is a man who want to service another man by sucking him, giving a hand job, or being fucked in the ass.
  • Cruising: Looking for sex partners and seducing them into a sex act.
  • Truck Hawk: A man who attempts to lure truckers to a roadside rest area or truck stop for a sexual encounter

Glory-Hole Protocol
  • Talking is generally kept to a minimum.
  • Protocol for BOTTOMS:
    • Choose a booth, enter, close and lock the door, if desired.
    • If you are in a video booth, insert money in the video machine.
    • If there is a seat, sit with your legs spread wide.
    • Expose your cock and get hard.
    • Check out the person in the next booth by looking through the glory hole. Don't be shy, it is expected and appreciated.
    • If you like what you see, stick a finger through the glory hole far enough so that the other person will see it. As soon as you are sure he has seen it, withdraw the finger to show him you are ready for his cock. If you want expect him to use a condom, stick one through the glory-hole.
    • If the man in the next booth is standing with his cock exposed you can signal him by gently blowing hot air in the direction of his penis. This is a clear signal and is very stimulating.
    • If the other man wants you to service him, he will stand up and place his cock through the hole. If he will use the condom, he may take it or let you put it on. If he doesn't want a condom, he will withdraw. See our other page for information on how to put on a condom with your mouth.
    • If no condom is being used, let the other man know if you want him to cum through the hole. If you don't want him to cum through the hole, just ask him to pull out before he cums.
  • Protocol for TOPS:
    • Choose a booth near one that is already occupied.
    • Close and lock the door if desired or required.
    • Insert money in the video player.
    • Standing up is an indiction that you want to be serviced and are not willing to service another man. This establishes you as the top.
    • Expose your penis and get yourself hard. Many "bottoms" will not be interested if you don't get at least half hard.
    • Watch for a man to stick his finger through the glory hole. If someone does not seem interested, DO NOT THRUST YOUR HARD COCK THROUGH A GLORY HOLE UNINVITED.
    • Put on a rubber on now if you want to use one.
    • When you receive the signal, place your penis through the hole.
    • Expect a variety of sensations. Some men will give you a hand job, others will suck you; and some will insert your cock into their anus.
  • If you want to take turns:
    • You can signal that you would like to take turns if you stop servicing the other man before they cum, and stand up and expose your hard-on. Wait for him to withdraw his penis to allow you to place your cock into the glory-hole.
    • If he is not interested he will not respond, leave, or he may stick his cock back through the hole for you to continue.
    • If you are being serviced and want to assume the role of the "bottom", signal by withdrawing your penis from the glory-hole and put your finger through the hole. If you want to be "top" again, place your penis through the hole. If you aren't ready to be "top" again, stick your finger back through the hole after he does. Negotiate with fingers and cocks.
    • There is a danger the other man may take it as a rejection if you don't allow him to service your cock or vice-versa. You risk losing a good blow-job or whatever by refusing to take turns.
  • If you want to have anal sex:
    • Choose a booth, enter, close and lock the door, if desired.
    • If you are in a video booth, insert money in the video machine.
    • Do not sit, but stand with your legs spread wide, exposing your anus to the hole.
    • Don't be shy, work your booty and stick it as close to the hole as possible.
    • You can also signal by reaching between your legs and sticking a finger through the glory hole, then withdrawing it to show him you are ready for his cock up your ass. You can stick the condom through the glory-hole or put it on him after he puts his cock through the hole.
    • When you feel him press his cock or finger against your anus, guide him to his target.
    • Fucking through a glory-hole is difficult to accomplish even with a large cock. It will very much be the responsibility of the bottom to accomplish the task. You may even have to settle for a finger.
  • Luring another man into your couples booth:
    • If your bookstore does not have buddy booths and permits men to share booths discreetly, you should use another protocol for that.
    • A common signal that you want someone to follow you into a stall or video booth is eye contact. As you go into the booth, make direct and steady eye contact for a few seconds. When he returns the stare, enter the booth but leave the door unlocked or slightly ajar. If he is interested, he will open your door. If he is uninterested he will look away the second your eyes meet his.
    • If he seems shy, or uncertain of you signals, maintain your eye contact and either lick your lips, rub your crotch, or rub your ass, depending upon what is your intention. If he returns the stare but still seems interested, motion in the direction of your booth with your head or even your tongue.
    • If the other man just opens the door and stares, signal again, or close the door.
    • As soon as he gets in the booth, expose yourself and wait for him to expose himself to you.
  • Sex with a man in an adjoining bathroom stall:
    • Bathroom stalls along or near interstate highways is popular with truckers. The protocol is very simple.
    • If you want to bottom for someone, go to a stall at the farthest end of the bathroom.
    • Close the door, pull your pants down and wait.
    • When someone comes into the next stall, move your foot so that you know the other person can see it and slowly start tapping it.
    • If the other person wants to be played with, they will kneel down and place their penis under the stall wall.

Safety Considerations
  • Physical Safety
    • It would be uncommon or unheard of for anyone to get hurt by someone in the next booth at an adult bookstore through a glory hole. You could get thrown out for not spending any money. Stories of hat pins being stuck through a penis and the like are nothing more than urban legends. If you havn't seen it reported in a reliable media source, don't believe it.
    • People DO get hurt in tearooms. Tearooms are not the same environment as adult bookstores.  The mere presence of a gloryhole does not mean that it is safe to engage in glory hole activity.
    • It is generally good advice to lock the door behind you when you enter the video booth or glory hole.There are men who thrill in waiting until you are exposed and/or engaged in some activity and flinging your door open. Often they walk away, leaving the door wide open.
  • Legal Safety
    • This is not legal advice, just common sense.
    • This activity is most likely illegal in any citiy or state in the US and in most other countries.
    • It may be helpful to always make sure that the other man has his penis exposed before beginning any sexual activity. There may be no legal foundation for this, but it is unlikely a police officer will resort to exposing himself. It might be interesting if his penis were to be described in great detail on the witness stand.
    • In general, the more public the sexual activity is, the greater the risk of being arrested (or physically injured).
  • Health Safety
    • If you have anonymous sex without a condom, you are exposing yourself to dangerous health risks. Always use a condom for EVERYTHING you do through a glory-hole.
    • Be prepared: bring condoms with you.
      • Use lubricated condoms for anal sex
      • Use unlubricated for oral sex.
      • Don't be surprised if another man refuses your request to use them.
    • Assume anyone who refuses to use a condom is already infected and therefore doesn't care if you are infected and doesn't care if he infects you with a disease.
    • If you refuse to wear a condom, do not cum through the hole without an invitation or asking first.
    • The head of the penis expands, the shaft of the penis gets very hard, the testicles retract, and the entire penis throbs shortly before a man shoots his cum. If you sense the other man is about to cum you can direct his penis to one side to avoid staining your clothing or dirtying your booth.

Conversation between booths
  • "Are you clean?" is a man asking whether you have a disease. This is pointless conversation as anyone can lie about it and you shouldn't trust what anyone tells you.
  • "Don't cum in my mouth." is a man asking you not to cum in his mouth. Respect this request, and don't shoot through the hole and stain his clothing.
  • "Show me your ass." is a request that generally leads to another question, "Can I fuck you?"
  • "Can I fuck you?" is a request by another man to insert his cock in your anus, which usuall leads to the next question,
  • "Do you wanna get out of here?" is a man asking if you want to go somewhere else to finish having sex.
  • "I wanna suck you." is a man asking you to stick your cock through the glory hole so he can give you a blow job.
  • "Do you wanna go to my place?" is a man inviting you to his home to have sex. This situation calls for caution.
  • "Do you wanna get a room?" is a man inviting you to a hotel or motel. You can determine in advance if you are expected to pay all or part of it by saying you never bring your wallet to a glory-hole (which isn't a bad idea).
  • "Is your place free?" is a man asking if he can go to your home to complete the sexual activity. Use caution when inviting a complete stranger to your home.

Two or more men in a booth
  • Most bookstores do not allow more than one man in a booth, although there are a few places that encourage it.
  • Don't be shy if a man has made eye contact with you before going into a booth. If the door is not locked, he wants you to come in. If he locked it, you read his signals wrong so just move on to the next guy.
  • You can negotiate sharing your booth with other men by talking through the glory hole.
  • If sharing a booth is not permitted by the establishment and you are caught, you will be bounced by the store. Two guys in one booth is half as much money as two guys in two booths. Signs are often posted if it is not permitted.
  • Keep your hand on the door and keep your pants up until both of you are in the booth. Another interested party could intercepts your signals.
  • Some men just want to jack-off together and do not want to be touched.
  • If you get into a booth with another man, it is generally expected that both men feed money into the slots.
  • Most stores have gay, straight, and bisexual videos for you to watch. It isn't uncommon for someone sharing your booth to change the channel. Don't be insulted, he simply has a different fantasy.


  • Usually the top will simply pull up his pants and leave after he cums. He got what he came for.
  • Normally, the man who gets into the booth with you will help you cum as well.
  • If a man doesn't make a move to help you cum or if he doesn't take turns, he will probably shoot his wad and leave.
  • Often it isn't necessary to reciprocate as the bottom shoots his load while he is sucking.
  • Don't expect reciprocation and you won't be disappointed.
  • Don't be shy about suggesting reciprocation, or anything else when it comes to glory-hole protocol.

Money and Videos
  • Some adult bookstores have a cover charge which may vary from $1 to $5. In some cases you must buy a minimum of non-refundable tokens.
  • Booths normally take quarters, dollar bills or tokens. The amount of video time you get for that money varies widely.
  • Stores almost universally do not allow anyone to be in a booth without the video running.
  • Very few bookstores allow loitering outside of a booth in the booth area and not spending money.
  • Cruising in the parking lot outside of the bookstore is rarely permitted.
  • As long as you are spending money and you will probably be left alone. Bookstores are a business and they are not going to let you hang around for free.

Packing for Your Glory-Hole Outing

What you need

  • Money
  • Condoms
  • Lubrication
  • Tissues or WetTowels. Bookstores frown on having to clean up cum.

About Men Who Go To Glory-Holes

  • All physical types. Good-looking, ugly, fat, thin, clean, smelly, young, old, bald, hairy, effeminate, muscular, leather, jocks, courteous, rude, hung, un-hung, cut, uncut, first-timers, yatta yatta yatta.
  • Mostly men are single guys, but some married men frequent these places as well.
  • Encountering an overly aggressive troll can be annoying. If a man that you are notinterested in follows you from booth to booth, whispers to you, begs you to do him, or begs you to let him do you, your best bet is to ignore him and avoid any eye contact. If this does not work tell him you are not interested. If he persists, try leaving or go into a booth with no holes until he finds someone else to bother.

Encountering an acquaintance

  • Anyone you meet in an adult bookstore near the video booth area is obviously there for the same reason you are and has an equal amount of "explaining" to do.
  • Don't avoid them. Walk up to them and say hello with a smile and see how they respond. If they ignore you, they want to make believe they don't know you.
  • They may ignore you and pretend not to know you and get in the booth next to me and suck you off.

Where to find glory holes

  • Look for stores that exclusively rent adult videos or advertise video booths, couples booths, or "buddy" booths. Many bookstores advertise in X-rated newspapers such as X-Press in Hollywood.
  • Look at the Cruising for sex page. This web site provides a huge list of worldwide reader-provided sites where semi-public sex is practiced.
    A new website intended for gays men is Cruising for Action.

How to judge if a bookstore tolerates sexual activity

  • A store that tolerates activity:
    • Will have glory holes in booths.
    • Will have some of the booths out of the line of sight of the store clerk and cameras
    • Will have booth doors that lock.
    • Have people loitering a short time in the aisles.
  • A store that does not tolerate activity:
    • Has the booths directly in the line of sight of the store clerk.
    • Has no doors on the booths.
    • Has no locks or latches on the doors to the booths.
    • Does not allow men to walk around cruising the booth area.
    • Has the clerk periodically check the booths for multiple occupants. Do not mistake the clerk telling people to drop tokens or money. This happens in everywhere and is a different issue.
    • Has video cameras so that the clerk can monitor what activity is happening out of his sight.

Keep The Goal in Mind

  • Virtually every man in an adult video booth has one shoot a big, hot, load of cum. Some men like to do it with a cock in their mouth or ass.
  • Standards about who is on the other side of the wall vary. Tops generally only care that it feels good. Bottoms have a much wider range of criteria about physical condition, appearance, cleanliness, etc.
  • Each man has their own expectations of what will happen to their penis and often have a mental fantasy playing about what is happening to their cock.
  • This is sex with someone you don't know or care about. You may never see their face and will probably never know their name and yet you may remember the experience for years to come.

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