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Glory Hole Employment - by Goo Gobbler

The email read:

I've seen your stories, and would like to discuss an employment opportunity with you. Please call me today or tomorrow between 4 and 6PM and ask for Joe at 555-609-6981.

Now, I've written some cock sucking stories that have been posted on various gay sites, and at the end of all the stories I mentioned that I was open for group things if they could be arranged - but I never expected anyone to take that seriously. So while I figured it was probably a joke of some kind, I was also extremely curious. And as I was now checking my email at 5PM, I figured I might as well find out, so I picked up the phone and dialed the number.

'Hello' the voice answered.

'Could I speak to Joe, please?'

'Speaking' he said.

'I'm calling about the email I received this morning, referring to an employment opportunity' I said.

'Oh, hi' He replied 'I was hoping you'd call. There's an interesting opportunity at my business that, from reading your stories, I thought you might be interested in. But before I waste either of our time, I have to ask you one thing. Did you describe yourself fairly accurately in your stories?'

'yes' I said 'my description of myself was real'

I had described myself as being of average height, very slender, fair hair and blue eyes, full lips, very smooth with no body hair, longish manicured nails and 3 pierced hoop earrings in each ear.

'Great' he said 'Rather than talking about it over the phone, why don't you come down here and I can give you all the details. Can you stop by tomorrow at around 4PM?'

Well, I normally get out of work at 4, but getting off an hour early wasn't a problem, so I said 'Sure - just give me an address' He gave me an address that was a few towns over, in an industrial section of the town - and told me to come around to the back door and ring the bell. I said 'Sure, see you then' and hung up.

Being really curious, I decided to take a ride over to see what the situation looked like and to see if I could get a feel for anything ahead of time. A short while later I found myself in front of a fairly large one story cinder block building, surrounded by a large parking lot with a sign out front that said 'THE HOT SPOT' .....and underneath that a slightly smaller sign that said 'GO-GO FRIDAY NIGHTS' There were lights on, but only a few cars in the parking lot, so I decided to wait till tomorrow and drove home.

The next day, at exactly 4PM, I pulled into the parking lot at the Hideaway, parked around the back, and got out and rang the bell at the back door. A few moments later the door was opened by an Italian looking guy in a flashy suit, who looked me over quickly and told me to come in. We were in a large hallway with doors on the left, what looked like a small kitchen to the right, and a double swinging door straight ahead.

'Let me take you on a tour' he said 'and I'll explain the opportunity as we go along - follow me'

He walked thru the swinging doors and I found myself in what appeared to be the main club. We were in a very large open area, the front entrance was straight ahead, and between us and the entrance was a large oval bar. The whole right side of the room was darkened, but contained another bar around a stage which was against the far wall, with rows of narrow tables surrounding the bar and stage on 3 sides.

'We're basically a regular bar on most nights' he said 'the main bar is open, and it's mostly the local crowd who shows up after work to pour down a few and watch the ball game. But on Fridays, we open the side bar and have non-stop Go Go from 6PM till closing time at 2AM. In the beginning we had some problems, a lot of horny guys, so hookers were hanging out at the bar, and lots of action in the parking lot was drawing attention to us. So we decided to try something different'

He turned towards the left, where there was a hallway heading towards the back with a sign saying 'MENS ROOM' over the doorway, and I followed. The hallway did lead towards a door marked 'MEN', but about halfway down the hallway, there was another hallway on the left, which was wider, maybe 6 feet. We turned left down there and stopped at the end.

To the right was a small alcove, about 4 feet wide and maybe 2 feet deep, and in the wall was a round hole about 4" across at cock height - the hole was closed by a small sign that read 'Back in 5 Minutes'. Printed on the wall on the right side in block letters it said '$5' and under that was a small slot in the wall that said 'TIPS' over it.

Joe then turned to me and said 'So we put in a gloryhole to take care of the guys and keep things out of the parking lot. And it worked OK for awhile, but then we started having problems with the women we were hiring. The only ones we could find to take the job were crack whores and junkies, they were completely unreliable, didn't like the work, and more often than not they wouldn't show up. I decided that maybe we had to rethink the situation, and that's why you're here'

He looked over at me to see how I was taking all this, and I must have looked like a kid in a candy store, because he smirked and said 'come on, this way' and we walked back the way we'd come, back thru the swinging doors, and he unlocked the second door on the right.

I looked in and there was a small room, maybe 6' by 4', linoleum tiled floor, and very clean. The glory hole was in the center of the right wall with an armless secretarial chair in front of it, and a small bucket on the floor. There was a very small table to the right of the hole with a few bottles of liquid, a box of kleenex, and a roll of paper towels, and a small trash can halfway under it. Another small table on the left of the hole held a pitcher of water and a glass. On the wall covering the hole was a small hinged panel that obviously had the 'Back in 5 Minutes' on the other side. Above the hole to the left was the slot for tips with a small plastic container under it to catch them, above the hole to the right was a small LED clock, and the only lights in the room were a covered night light on either side wall over the tables.

Joe said to me 'so here's the whole deal - the job is working the hole Friday nights from 6PM till 2AM. All the money would be yours, and though $5 doesn't seem like much, there's always been a constant line there, and the tips help. You can take 5 minute piss or drink breaks whenever you need them, but no major breaks. The lotions on the table are a tasteless gel antiseptic cleanser if someone's a little dirty, and the other lotion is just lube so if you really don't like the look of a cock you can work it with your hands. And the bucket is where the girls spit afterwards .... but that's up to you.

Now, as you realize, the guys are expecting a girl to be behind there. And since the room is very dark and the hallway very dim, they're not going to be able to see much thru the hole. But they can possibly see your hands as they hand the money thru the hole, and your lips if they pull out quick, so I would like you to show up to work with red nail polish on and to wear some red lipstick while you're working. Well, what do you think?'

I'd been in a semi daze since the tour started, it all seemed to good to be true. And while I wasn't crazy about the nail polish or the lipstick, it was a small price to pay for an endless supply of straight cock for my sucking pleasure - and I was actually being paid to suck them! So after a few moments of stunned silence, I said 'I'd love to take the job'

He said 'Great - be here around 5:45 on Friday, come in the back door, and I'll let you in. We then shook hands and I left.

Part II - First Night on the Job

The next few days went really slow - and I have to admit I was a little nervous. Not about the cocksucking itself, but about the situation, being a male cocksucker in a straight bar. But I was also highly excited at the thought, and could not wait, and the days dragged by.

But finally it was Friday and I was home from work by 4PM. So I made myself a small sandwich (I didn't want to get full!), took a quick shower, put on a pair of tight black jeans and a black V neck T shirt, and opened the red nail polish I'd bought the day before. I did not have a clue how to put it on, so I made a complete mess and had to do it over a bunch of times, but I finally got it done. And by the time it dried it was 5:30 so I threw on a jacket and a pair of cotton gloves, and drove over to the Bar.

There were more cars in the lot than last time, but it still wasn't packed, so I parked around the back and rang the bell. Joe opened the door and I walked in, and he showed me where the small bathroom by the back door was - and then we both walked over to the glory hole room. I opened the door and stepped in, and took off my jacket and gloves to hang them on the hook there, and put the small thermos of milk I'd brought on the table with the water glass. Noticing the red nails he said 'nice touch' with a smirk, and I walked over to the seat, adjusted the height so the hole was mouth level. He said 'there's a new lipstick on the table' so I looked over and saw it, opened it, and wiped it across my lips. Joe, still watching said 'well, I'm sure they'll need the moisturizing later on - anyway, it's almost showtime so anytime you want to start, just open the hole - and good luck on your first day'

When he closed the door it got very dark inside - but after a few seconds my eyes adjusted and I looked at the clock - 5:58. I sat down in my chair, took a deep breath, and swung the panel over, opening the gloryhole.

There was low lighting in the hallway outside, but I could see thru the hole that there were at least a few guys waiting. I heard a zipper and a $5 bill came thru the hole. I took it and put it on the table, and it was followed by a cock, on the smallish side, and totally soft, so I leaned forward and took it inside my mouth, and began to gently suck and lick the head. It quickly got hard and grew quite a bit larger, and I began to move my lips up and down the shaft and increased the suction, in a steady rhythm. And in a very short time I felt a small tremor against my lips and my mouth began filling up with cum. I kept sucking till it was drained, and the cock was pulled back thru the hole with an audible pop as it left my lips. I was still swallowing when the next $5 bill was presented at the opening.

I took the money, and the next cock came thru the hole. This one was already rock hard and medium size, with a large head. I like large cock heads, and I wrapped my lips around this one and concentrated on the head, a lot of suction and tongue action, and I slid my lips back and forth but just over the edge of his cockhead, and it wasn't much more than a minute later when a blast of cum hit my tonsils, and then began pouring onto my tongue. I started swallowing before he was done, and soon he was drained and began to get soft. His cock was pulled back thru the hole, and this time I heard a bill fall into the container from the tip box.

With barely enough time to catch a breath, another $5 bill was at the hole, and after I took the bill a very long black cock came thru. It was only a little more than average width, but must have been 10 inches long and not yet rock hard.

Now this was a little change of pace, and I was able to get my hand around the shaft to stroke as I began to move my mouth up and down his cockshaft. This cock would have been a real choker on a forceful guy, but coming thru the hole like that I was in control, so I moved my lips down his shaft, till the cock was just barely hitting my throat, and then back to the head, in a very steady rhythm, with a lot of suction, and thru the all I heard 'here it cums, bitch' as the goo began to flow from his cock like a faucet, no blast, just very thick and hot cum covering my tongue and overflowing. I held his goo in my mouth till he was done, and after he pulled his cock back I took 2 large gulps and swallowed it down - and I again heard a bill fall into the tip container.

I had worked glory holes before, but this was a very different feeling. In the past, all the guys knew there was a guy back there draining their balls, but the thought that all these guys thought it was a girl sucking them off was a tremendous turn on to me. And since one cock quickly replaced the last, I decided I was going to try to drain them all as quickly as possible and get on to the next cock.

One after another $5 bills were handed thru the hole, followed by cocks of all shapes and sizes. I was like a kid in the proverbial candy shop as my warm mouth opened for one cock after another, my lips and tongue going right to work as I sucked till the cock exploded in my mouth and deposited it's load of warm, sticky goo for my drinking pleasure.

I totally lost count of how many guys had relieved themselves in my mouth, but not one had taken more than 5 minutes to bring to orgasm, and most had released their load to my belly in a minute or two.

I needed a break, so I closed the 'back in 5 minutes' panel over the hole, and g ot up to go to the bathroom. For the first time since I'd started I looked at the clock and saw that it was 8:57 - I'd been sucking dicks non stop for almost 3 hours...... time flies when you're having fun, I guess. But I still had 5 hours to go.

I left my cubicle and went into the bathroom out in the hallway and locked the door. I rinsed my mouth at the sink and took a much needed piss and washed my face. The lipstick was, of course, totally gone by now, but my lips were somewhat swollen and red, and as I have very full lips anyway putting on more lipstick at this point was unnecessary.

Flushing the toilet and drying my hands I stretched a little bit, then left the bathroom and went back to my cubicle.

I sat down in the chair, opened the thermos and took a small swig of milk, which always gets my saliva nice and slippery which was needed after the mouthful of piss which had dried out my mouth a little. And then I swung the panel open.

At this point I have to tell you a little bit about myself:

I honestly don't consider myself gay in the true sense of the word. I'm not attracted to men at all in any kind of sensual way, nor do I find guys attractive in a physical sense. For lovemaking, I prefer women, and love the whole kissing, hugging, petting thing that comes with that.

But ever since I first heard about the concept of sucking someone's penis till they 'came' in your mouth (and this was as a child, way before I had a vague clue of what cum even was) I became obsessed with the idea of being able to give someone pleasure like that. It wasn't till my late teens when I was finally able to indulge, but the first time I felt the silky smoothness of a cock inside my mouth I was hooked.

Since then I've come to worship cock, all types and sizes, cut and uncut. But I do prefer straight guys, since they seem to be more likely to just relax and let me worship their cock, and they don't want mine in return. Whereas a lot of gay men are more into fucking my mouth and being in control, or they also want to reciprocate.

To kneel before a guy, and to slip my mouth over his soft cock and gently suckle it to hardness as I hear the moans of pleasure. To use my lips and tongue to bring someone to the edge of orgasm, feeling their tenseness as I get them closer and closer, to have them use my suctioning mouth as their pussy, and finally to feel the underside of their cock pulse against my lower lip as they groan and release their sticky juices into my mouth is what I live for.

From the first load that ever landed on my tongue I've adored cum. I love the taste, whether it's mild or strong, salty or bitter, and I love the texture, there's no greater feeling to me than to have a cock between my lips begin to spew a thick gooey load onto my tongue, or to have a a blast of cum splatter against my tonsils. Then to hold it all in my mouth until I've slurped the last drop possible and drained the guys balls, and finally swirl it around my mouth getting the maximum taste out of it as I gulp it down, feeling it sliding down my throat towards my stomach, and still having the taste in my mouth, on my teeth, and in my throat.
br> Anyway, it was a little after 9PM, and as soon as the hole reopened a $5 bill was presented and another cock came thru the hole. This one was maybe 5' and soft, and I leaned forward and slurped it into my mouth, started to gently suck and lick it towards hardness, and then began to work my real oral magic on it.

Probably because I love it so much, I've always been able to 'feel' what any particular cock needed to release it's juices, and on this particular cock I worked on the head first, keeping my lips tight around the shaft as I sucked steadily and worked at the end with my tongue, lapping across the slit and around the head until it became rock hard.

Then I began the final drive as I began to move my lips in and out with my tongue pressed hard against the underside of the shaft, and the top of the shaft against the roof of my mouth, and kept a steady, sucking rhythm until I felt that small tremor against my lower lip and my mouth began to fill up with a very thick goo as the cum began to pile up on my tongue.

Stroking the shaft with my right hand I milked the last drop into my sucking mouth, which had become almost full, and before removing my lips I began to swallow the thick mass, and had to gulp a few times to get it started down my throat, but by the time the cock was pulled out from between my lips I could feel the large glob of goo sliding down my throat towards my gullet.

Now, as much as I adore sucking cock at a glory hole, the technique doesn't change that much from cock to cock.

When I'm in a room with the guy there are a lot more variables, whether he likes me to suck it gently or prefers to fuck my lips or throat, whether I stroke and jerk it off while I'm sucking, whether I lick his balls or just stroke them lightly, whether he wants to shoot his load into my mouth, directly down my throat, or onto my tongue with my mouth open so he can watch, whether I kneel, squat, sit, or stand bent over so he can fondle my cock or play with my ass or nipples as I'm sucking his cock, whether we kiss in between, whether he wants to suck me alternately (though I never cum), or even whether he wants to see his load in my mouth after he finishes and watches me swallow it.

But at a glory hole like this one, there isn't much variety in my technique. A cock is presented to me thru a small hole as I sit on a chair, and I take it in my mouth and using just my tongue, lips, and suction alone I pleasure it till it releases it's load of sperm into my mouth, and I swallow.

So I sat there on my chair, taking the money thru the hole, as cock after cock was presented to me. The cocks themselves were a variety, though, from very small to very large, from thin to thick, from the darkest black to off white and all shades in between, uncut and cut, with small cockheads and large ones. I took them all, one after another, between my lips and as quickly as I could had them filling my mouth with their cum.

And there was also a good variety in the cum itself, sometimes it would ejaculate with force, blasting my tonsils or the roof of my mouth or even shooting directly into my throat, and sometimes in multiple blasts, other times it would just begin to flow onto my tongue. Every load was different but delicious in it's own way, from bland to spicy, salty to musky, sweet to bitter, and I savored the taste each time before swallowing.

The textures ran from very watery spurts that ran down my throat on their own to globs as thick as mayonnaise which I had to gulp in small swallows to keep from choking, and the quantity of cum varied from maybe a teaspoon to being a real mouth filler requiring me to start swallowing while my mouth was still being fed.

Hour after hour I sat there sucking cock after cock, and swallowing mouthful after mouthful of cum. I had to take a few short breaks in between, but there was never a lull when it was convenient to do so, there was virtually always a cock to replace the one I'd just sucked off - each time I ended up having to close the door to groans from guys who knew they'd have to wait a few minutes till my mouth was again ready for them.

I went into the bathroom to pee and splash water on my face each time, and noticed as the night went on that my lips were getting more and more swollen and red. And when I stood up I noticed that I was really starting to feel full, my stomach contents were sloshing around and making noise as I moved.

But because, I suppose, that I was drinking the cum steadily, but over a fairly long period, that my stomach was digesting it at the same time, extracting the various proteins, fats, and carbs from the semen and absorbing them into my body, with the non-nutritive solids, and maybe the sperm cells themselves heading into my intestinal tract.

And before I'd reopen the panel each time, I was taking the money I'd been putting on the table and putting it into a neat, and now becoming very large pile. And I also took the money from the tip container which had been steadily getting full as the night progressed into a separate, also growing, pile.

On my last trip back from the bathroom I noticed on the clock that it was somehow already 1:40 AM - I had been sitting there steadily for almost 8 hours, and the night was coming to an end. At this point my stomach had gotten so full that there wasn't room for any of the cum to slosh around, but like the trouper I was I opened the panel for the last time that night.

Six more cocks came thru the hole and spurted their load of goo into my mouth, but after I had drained the last drop and swallowed, I looked thru the hole and the corridor was empty, and looking over, the clock read 2:00. So, after waiting a few minutes I was just getting ready to stand up and stretch, when a bill came thru the hole from the darkened corridor.

Well, knowing this would absolutely be the last of the night, I took the $5 bill and waited for the last cock.

When it came thru, it was my favorite type - maybe 7" long, medium width, fairly pronounced cockhead, and already rock hard. So I went to work, starting real slow with my just my tongue first, lapping at the head and along the shaft, then taking it inside my mouth and working at the end, gentle suction and licking, going into a very slow stroke with my lips in and out the shaft, tongue pressing against the bottom of the shaft, the roof of my mouth against the top, increasing the speed of my stroke and the suction, going faster and faster, and finally the trembling on my lips and a huge blast shot out of the end and right into my throat.

The texture was very thick and gooey, and it had my throat plugged up a little, so I gulped and gagged slightly as I got that first glob heading down towards my stomach. And after the initial blast the thick cum continued to flow, fast and steady onto my tongue, and I kept gulping it down. When it finally stopped I still had a large mass of thick cum filling my mouth, and as I began gulping it down I realized that I truly was full, and was having a hard time getting it past my throat. So, before I started gagging I stood up and stretched my arms up and this apparently shifted some of the cum in my stomach around so the last few mouthfuls were now able to at least slide past my windpipe and head on the right path towards my stomach.

I finally closed the panel and walked over and turned on the overhead light from the switch by the door. I sat down again and began to arrange and count the money from the main pile which would tell me how many cocks I'd sucked, because I honestly did not have the vaguest idea except that they had been non-stop and rarely had anyone taken more than a few minutes to feed me their cum.

Well, when I counted the $5 bills in the main pile I was surprised to find that I'd gotten $635 !!! I knew there had been a lot, but never would have guessed that during the 8 hour period I'd been sitting there I'd sucked off 127 cocks .... and swallowed 127 loads of cum. No wonder I was totally full! Doing some quick math, it came out to around 3 quarts of cum that I'd drank during the last 8 hours, certainly a record for me.

I then began to count the tip money, which I had to separate into piles as the types of bills were different, from singles to fives to some tens and even a couple of twenties. When I added these all up my tips came to $362. Well, it turned out that for my one shift I'd made a total of $997 .... almost $1000 and every bit of it tax free. Not bad for a nights work of doing what I'd have gladly done for free.

I was just putting away the money, when the door opened and Joe, the owner, walked in. He asked me how I did, and when I told him he replied 'See. I told you it could be lucrative'.

He looked around the room, and spotted the bucket on the floor, completely dry, and commented 'Geez, you swallowed all that cum??? I have to tell you, and I don't mean anything by it, but to me that's the most disgusting thought I can imagine!' I just smiled, and gave him my math about the 3 quarts, and he just shook his head.

'It turns out' he said 'that you were a major hit - I've never had that kind of line at the hole before, and when my customers are happy, they spend more at the bar. I do have to confess one thing, though. I've never in my life been sucked off by a guy before, but seeing the faces and hearing the comments from the guys as were leaving the hole made me curious. So that last cock that came thru at the very end after the corridor had cleared??? that was me' He was kind of blushing a little, but he said 'and I have to tell you that was the best blowjob I have ever gotten in my life'

He started leaving the room but at the door he turned around and said 'So, will you be back for work next Friday???'

And I said 'You bet, I wouldn't miss it for the world'


Obviously, this isn't a true story, though some of the individual scenes are based on reality.

But, when I was younger, in my town in NJ, there was a Go-Go bar of the lowest kind in my neighborhood, topless and bottomless. And the bar did have a $5 gloryhole somewhat similar to the one I described, to take care of the customers and keep things out of the streets. And the girls behind the hole most probably were cokeheads (this was the pre-crack days) and junkie whores.

And there were always comments by the guys who didn't relieve themselves at the hole about 'how DO you know it's a girl back there'

The place closed down many years ago, but I've had a fantasy about this ever since.

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