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Glory Hole Employment 2 - by Goo Gobbler

Here it was, a few months after I started my job at the glory hole (as related in my other story, 'Glory Hole Employment). I was still working the hole every Friday night, and still getting my belly filled every week, as well as my wallet. I found that after the first few weeks I had put on a few pounds, though, and I realized that while the amount of calories in a load of cum might be negligible, drinking a few quarts of cum every week could put on the pounds. But rather than start spitting it out I decided to fast the following day every week and that's been working out.

On this particular Friday, however, I had shown up for work a little bit early, and when I walked in Joe, the owner popped his head out of his office and said 'Do you have a minute? So I said 'Sure', and walked into his office and had a seat across from him at the desk.

'The first thing I wanted to ask you' he said 'was whether you'd be interested in working on Superbowl Sunday. We're going to have a superbowl party here with an extremely large crowd, and you should have a lot of traffic at the hole. And it always seems to keep things calm in a crowd like that when the hole's open, with all that testosterone floating around if the guys can shoot their load somewhere they won't bother fighting.'

'That sounds good to me' I said 'what time would you want me here?'

'Well, there was one more thing I also wanted to talk to you about' Joe said 'I've got a few friends in the adult video business, and I was shooting the breeze with one of them a week or so back. I happened to mention our situation here, and a few days later he called me up with a proposition. He suggested we might want to make a movie here, sort of a candid camera kind of thing. His idea was to install a camera on the side of the wall facing the glory hole, at hole level. It would be sort of a split screen, with you on the left side servicing the cocks, and the guys on the right side feeding you the cocks. Interested?"

I said 'Tell me more'

Joe said 'The idea would be to get you close up for an entire shift, and to provide a little variety he'd want you to swallow some of the loads directly like you usually do, but also to face the camera some of the time with an opened mouth full of cum before you swallow, and maybe every third load to spit the cum into a very large glass. And when the glass got completely full you'd gulp down the full glass of cum for the camera. What do you think?'

I said 'It sounds interesting, but besides the cum and the usual money for working the hole, what's in it for me?'

'$5,000, half up front, half at the back end, and if the video becomes a big seller the chance for a follow up at a negotiable price'

'Count me in' I said with a smile 'you can tell them to start setting things up'

'Well, actually, I expected you'd say yes' he said with a smile 'so I already had the camera lens installed and the backroom equipment will be in and working by superbowl Sunday'

'Cool, it's a deal. Well, it's just about showtime, so I'm off to my booth. Talk to you later. And stop back if you need to get drained, it's on me' I said with a wink. Then I left his office for the bathroom to paint my nails for the night's shift.

Now, for those of you who haven't read my previous story, I'm just a regular guy with an extremely large appetite for cum. I'm average height, very slender, fair haired with blue eyes, full lips, very smooth with no body hair, longish manicured nails and 3 pierced hoop earrings in each ear. And the hole I worked was at a Go-Go bar called the Hot Spot. Before my employment, it had been worked by a succession of females, none of whom cared much for the job or lasted long. And part of the deal was that I'd work the hole with my fingernails painted and lipstick on since all the guys would ever see was my hands or mouth, and the illusion would remain that a woman was draining their cocks.

I headed into the small room back of the hole, hung up my coat, sat down on the small secretarial chair, and got ready for the shift. The tables were equipped as usual, the lube, hand cleaner, tissues, and paper towels were on the right with a small trash can underneath, and the table on the left had the usual water pitcher, next to which I put my thermos of milk (oral lube if needed), and the spit bucket was pushed over into the corner, out of the way, since I virtually never spit out any cum.

The one thing I did notice, though, was that there was now a half round hole in the right side wall, right in the corner facing me - though no lens appeared to be behind it yet, but if there had been I probably wouldn't have known as the hole appeared to be fairly deep and the room was dark with only a night light on over each table. The tip container was in place, and I saw the clock was reading 5:58, so I swung open the small panel over the hole and was open for business.

On the other side of the hole, which was in a small alcove in a side hallway off the men's room, I saw a few guys standing around, and almost immediately I heard a zipper go down, a $5 bill appeared in the hole, followed by the first cock of the night being presented for my drinking pleasure.

It turned out to be OK night, and one of the black cocks was a true choker, spurting out huge blasts of thick gooey cum into my mouth which I had to gulp down or choke and almost plugged up my gullet on the way down to my stomach - but all in all it was an average night. At the end of my shift when I counted out the money I found that there had been 93 cocks between my lips and the tips had been a little better than usual, so my take for that night had been just over a thousand dollars.

Now don't get me wrong, I was still thrilled to have the job. I was making a ton of money for doing something I'd gladly do for free. I absolutely adore cocks, love the feeling of the shaft against my lips, and the cockhead as it slides against my tongue and the roof of my mouth, and every time a blast of cum empties into my mouth I involuntarily groan in pleasure at the taste and texture before I swallow and feel it slide down my throat.

But the initial thrill was gone, I estimate that I'd swallowed over 5 gallons of cum since I'd started the job, and it was becoming slightly routine. So during that shift my mind had been preoccupied with the thought of Sunday, the superbowl crowd, and getting to do it all on film.

Heading out for the night, I stuck my head in Joe's office to say goodnight, and he looked up and said 'See you Sunday - and try to get here at around 2 PM if you could, it'll be an early start that day'

'No Problem' I said, and headed out the back door to my car and headed home.

The next day I slept late, and fasted except for a few glasses of juice to try burn off the calories from the belly full of cum I'd ingested the night before. What always interests me, though, is how I'll swallow a few quarts of cum and nothing else, but when I take a crap the next day it's close to normal - maybe a little pale in color, but you'd expect it to be more liquid .... and it isn't.

The following morning, Sunday, I woke up at around 10AM, had a cup of coffee, read the paper, and straightened up the house. At noon I took a shower and got a really close shave like I always do when heading to the glory hole (stubble wouldn't do if glimpsed thru the hole, even though my beard is very fair and sparse), plucked any stray hairs from my eyebrows, and sat down to do my nails at home for a change.

I'm ambivalent about wearing nail polish, it's just part of the job, but I love having long nails, and in the last few months I'd let them grow fairly long, a good half inch past my fingertips. So I took a file and shaped them into long tapering ovals, and polished them a dark red with a few coats and a shiny topcoat, and then relaxed while they dried. And then I got dressed for work, my usual tight black jeans and form fitting V-neck sweater with white sneakers, threw on a jacket and cotton gloves over the painted nails, and headed out to the club.

I got there at a little after 1:30, went in the back door as usual, and stuck my head in Joe's office. He was there with 2 other guys, and introduced them as the cameraman and the equipment tech.

Joe said 'I'm glad to see you're a little early, let's take a quick walk thru', so we all headed out of the office, down a few doors, and into my small room.

The equipment tech pointed out the camera lens in the corner, and it was till pretty much unnoticeable in the dim light, recessed as it was. He explained how the were using state of the art equipment including an extremely fast low light lens that would automatically adjust to the ambient background light and would record everything as if it was daylight, and that they would be digitally recording everything directly to a PC's hard drive in the adjoining room.

He pointed out a tiny microphone mounted on the wall just to the right of the hole and said it would pick up any noises in the room, and was also self adjusting, in volume. And the only other difference in the room was that there was a small shelf that had been installed about a foot below and to the right of the hole that held an extremely large martini type glass - which I was told was a quart.

The camera man then told me to just make sure that I frequently turned to the camera and showed my mouthful of cum, and that I didn't forget to spit a good amount of it into the martini glass, since they would like to see it fairly full at the end of the night when I gulped it down - and also that the glass would be in the frame throughout the filming, as it was getting filled.

At that point, they left the room, and Joe said 'Good Luck - the place is already packed so open whenever you want, the camera is already running as you can see by that tiny red LED by the lens. Oh, and before I forget, here's the first $2500, I'll have the rest for you when you leave' and he handed me an envelope, and left.

I hung my jacket up on the hook on the back wall, grabbed a lipstick from the table, and headed for the bathroom. I peed, checked my nails, and put on some red lipstick to start the night (Once I got going my lips would redden naturally and I wouldn't need it).

Then I left the bathroom, went back to my room, sat down and got comfortable, and pulled back the panel from the hole to open for business.

Within a few seconds a $5 bill was poking thru the hole, and I took it and put it on the table. I heard a zipper slide down, and then a nice cock, maybe 7" cut, came thru the hole, already semi hard. I leaned forward and took it into my wet mouth, and began to suck and lick it to full hardness. I began to move my lips up and down the shaft, and kept the slurping noises loud for the microphone. This guy must have been ready from standing in line, because within a few minutes his cock throbbed a little and the cum began pouring into my mouth. I kept my lips tight against the head and drained him dry, and when he pulled out of my mouth I turned towards the camera with my tongue out, and then swallowed it down, opening my mouth again after to show it was empty.

When I turned back there was already another $5 bill, followed by another cock at the hole, this time a large black one. I slid my lips over it, and though it was too large to take it all in, I took it right up till it hit my throat to get it wet with saliva (and cum from the previous load still coating my mouth), and then backed off and concentrated on the head while I stroked the shaft with my left hand so as not to spoil the camera angle. I kept my tongue moving against the piss slit as I sucked on the head, and when I felt his shaft tighten against my hand I slipped my lips off the end, stuck my tongue out, and kept stroking with the very end of his cock laying on the tip of my tongue, and when he erupted the blast went between my lips and hit the back of my throat, and then continued to flow onto my tongue. Before he was finished, though, I could feel the cum starting to overflow my mouth so I put my lips back around it till it was drained, and he began to pull back.

I half turned towards the camera to pick up the empty martini glass and opened my mouth and let the cum slide off the end of my tongue into the glass, and then closed my mouth to gather all the cum towards my lips and spit that out into the glass. It was a good start, and appeared to be over an ounce sitting in the glass, for future consumption. I put the glass back on the shelf, and turned back towards the hole, and another cock.

Since things would slow down once the game started, I was determined to take on as many cocks before then as I could, so for the next hours cock after cock was presented to me, and I serviced every one, large cocks to small cocks, in all shades, shapes, and sizes.

As the camera recorded it all my tongue licked their cockheads and shafts, my lips slid up and down, and my cheeks hollowed from the suction I was using. The microphone recorded my every slurp, and every small involuntary moan that escaped every time the first blast landed in my mouth and that taste hit my tongue. Load after load of cum filled my mouth, sometimes very thick and gooey and other times watery, but every last drop was drained, some were swallowed right down in a single flow as they spurted from the cock, some were left piled up on my tongue for open mouthed camera shots, but the majority were spit out into the glass, which was almost reaching full.

But eventually, the cocks slowed down and I suspected the game was starting, and finally I decided to take a break, since I had been sucking dick constantly for over 3 hours so I closed the panel over the window.

I sat back in the chair to catch my breath, and realized I was starving. I hadn't eaten a single thing, only some coffee, since I'd ingested a few quarts of cum on Friday night, almost 2 days before.

I had only swallowed maybe a few ounces of semen since starting that shift, and my blood sugar was getting low - and I didn't want to eat any regular food since by the time the night was over I'd (hopefully) need all the room my stomach had for the cum I'd eventually swallow.

So, knowing the camera was still recording everything, I reached over for the martini glass which had at least a pint and a half of thick pale yellow cum in it, and slowly lifted it to my lips and began pouring it into my mouth. I can't say it compared with having a cock shoot it directly into my mouth at 98.6 degrees, since it was now room temperature, but as the camera taped I took a large gulp till my mouth was full, then turned towards the camera and opened my mouth to show it filled, and closed my lips and swallowed.

I repeated this, and it took 6 gulps till the glass was empty, and it really was kind of gross in a way, the thick globs of cum were kind of suspended, and as I swallowed the slimy liquid, the jellyish clots would catch for a second in my throat till the liquid cum washed them down into my stomach.

After the last swallow I turned towards the camera and opened my mouth to show it empty, yet still coated with cum, and cleaned my teeth with my tongue for the camera. And then I finally leaned back in the chair. I was feeling very queasy, but after a few minutes that passed, so I got up and left the room, and went down the hall to the bathroom.

In the bathroom I drank a little water and swirled it around my mouth and swallowed it, then washed my face and hands at the sink. I combed my hair in the mirror, dampened a paper towel to blot off a few globs of cum that had landed on my sweater, and was going to put on some more lipstick but saw that my lips were already bright red from the cock friction so I didn't bother. I then stopped by Joe's office, and when he looked up I said 'I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to shut down for awhile since there's going to be virtually nothing happening till half time.' 'No problem' he said 'just put this on the hole panel' and reached over for a 3X5 file card, wrote on it CLOSED TILL HALFTIME, put a piece of tape on it, and handed it back.

I headed back to the room, where I took my earrings off, slipped on my gloves, and then I locked up the room and left. But instead of heading out the back I headed into the main bar area where I went to the bar, ordered a glass of wine, and then took a seat in the back of the crowd.

Now I am not a football fan, and have honestly never watched a game all the way thru in my life - but I wouldn't have minded being on my knees in either the Bucs or the Raiders locker rooms blowing the entire team. I looked around at the crowd, and the place was packed, a bunch of rowdy guys playing up their manliness. I smiled to myself at the thought that many of the guys in the room were going to have their dicks sucked sometime today or tonight by another guy and not even know it. As I slowly finished my wine I noticed that a few guys here and there had headed towards the men's room even with the game playing, so I decided to head back to the room anyway.

I got back to my room and slipped off my gloves and slipped all 3 sets of hoops back in my ears - then sat down in the chair, made sure the camera was still filming (it was), took a small sip of milk from my thermos to get my mouth slippery, and opened the panel and pulled off the sign.

Sure enough a few minutes later someone stopped in front of the hole and presented a $5 bill, which I took, and the cock came thru the hole. It was average size, maybe a little over 6 inches, but had a nice mushroom head, which I like. I leaned forward and took the head between my lips and began to run my tongue around it, sucking gently, and making slurping noises for the microphone. He got really hard and I began to move my mouth up and down the shaft, keeping up the suction, and within a few minutes he spurted his load of cum into my mouth. I kept my lips over the end of his cock and sucked gently as his goo flowed onto my tongue, and when he was done and pulled back, I faced the camera to show my tongue, and then closed my mouth and swirled it around, making sure my entire mouth and teeth were coated and slippery.

For the rest of the first half, things were slow, maybe a dozen guys total came back to unload in my mouth, and most of them I spit into the glass for the camera, but also to swirl around and make sure the cum from earlier didn't crust up on the glass.

Finally, it must've been halftime, because the hallway got completely packed with guys, and cock after cock came thru the hole to be sucked off. Trying to take advantage of the rush hour, I worked furiously on each cock, using my usual glory hole technique of suction, lots of tongue, and a steady rhythm of my lips up and down their shafts. And cock after cock spurted it's load of cum into my mouth, sometimes blasting my tonsils and other times just slowly flowing out onto my tongue, gooey or watery, pungent or mild tasting, each load was delicious to me in it's own unique way. And the glass was filling up again as the camera and microphone was catching it all on video.

Then, as had happened to me before, some asshole, probably drunk and full of beer, stuck his cock thru the hole still soft, and when I slipped my lips around it, he began to piss into my mouth. I really hate that, not so much the piss itself, since I actually like the taste of urine on a cock when I begin to suck it, but I don't like drinking piss at all.

This time, with the camera running, I decided to deal with it slightly differently than I usually do, and I kept my lips around his cock and let him completely fill my mouth with piss and even expanded my cheeks so I could take a large amount without swallowing any. But the second I could feel it start to overflow and run down my chin I reached up and pinched his cock really hard, which made him pull back, and when he was back out of the hole completely I let go, stuck my lips to the hole, and blew out the entire mouthful onto the front of him, covering him with his own piss.

He was first yelping from having his cock pinched and probably bruised, and then when I spit the piss back on him he yelled 'son of a bitch - you fucking cunt!' and kicked at the wall. But within seconds, someone grabbed him from behind with a choke hold on his throat and dragged him off down the hallway, banned from the Hot Spot forever, I was sure.

I closed the panel and left the room for the bathroom where I rinsed my face and gargled some water, and peed while I was there, but I headed right back to the room, took a swig of milk to get my mouth slippery again, and had the panel back open for business. But by the time I reopened halftime must have been over, because the hallway was empty again. I looked down at the martini glass, which was now about 2/3 refilled since I hadn't drunk too much, and sat back and waited.

During the second half of the game things were again on the slow side, but steady, and when a guy did show up I took care of his cock, and since there wasn't a line I was able to take my time and slowly caress each dick with my mouth and lips, sucking gently, and licking slowly across the tip and up the shaft, and then very slowly sliding my lips up and down and letting the cockhead rub against the roof of my mouth until it exploded, and I could feel the hot blast as the cum splattered against my tongue and my tonsils.

During this time I was swallowing most of the loads, showing my tongue for the cameras beforehand, and finally I took a break to pee, knowing it would probably be the last break of the night.

In the bathroom, I peed, and then washed my face, sponging a few crusty globs of cum off my pants and sweater. And then I checked my face to see if there was any beard stubble at all coming thru - and there wasn't. I had decided to try something different in the end stretch, especially for the camera, and in the mirror I put on some powder makeup, which I'd originally bought when I started the job, but never felt like I had to use. And then I carefully put on some red lipstick, even though my lips were at this point naturally red from friction.

I headed back into the room and emptied the tip container, which was overflowing, and put it in a neat pile, and then took the regular $5 blowjob money and put that in a separate pile. But I didn't bother counting it so at that point I didn't have any idea how many cocks I'd sucked so far. I sat down in the chair, and noticed the martini glass was almost full, so most of the rest of the cum I'd get would be swallowed hot and steamy. I could hear a lot of yelling, so the game was probably almost over, and I opened the panel - and waited for the game to end.

It wasn't long, though, that it seemed like a stampede was on the other side of the wall as most of the bar made a dash for the men's room to pee, and many, I'm sure, for the glory hole to drop a load in my mouth.

When the first $5 bill came thru the hole, I took it but instead of waiting for the cock to follow I put my mouth with my red lipsticked lips right against the hole, opened them about halfway, and let my tongue slide out a little. I felt a cock push itself between my lips, and instead of moving my mouth I just ran my tongue along the bottom of the shaft and used a little suction, as the guy on the other side began to fuck my mouth thru the hole.

His cock was fairly long but not too wide, and I kept my head in place as his cock slid along my lips and went right up to my throat, then came back out, and he began to hump my mouth against the hole. I absolutely adore the feeling of a cock sliding in and out of my mouth, the shaft moving against my lips, and he quickened his rhythm and thrust hard and his cock went about 2 inches into mythroat stayed there, and I felt the spurt in my throat as he began o drop his load directly down my gullet. After I felt the second blast I backed off a little to keep from gagging, and I sucked the remainder onto my tongue. The taste of his cum filled my entire mouth, and I drained him dry and swallowed what remained in my mouth.

With the next 3 cocks I did the same thing, just leaving my lips against the hole as the guys on the other side pumped in and out of my throat as I sucked and pressed my tongue against their cocks until they blew their loads directly into my throat, but the last guy pulled his cock out at the last minute and shot his load onto my lips, I felt the blast of goo hit my face before it started to shoot into my mouth, and I kept my mouth open and tongue out till he was done, and kept my lips up against the hole as I swallowed it down.

I don't think the guys on the other side had ever actually seen anything like that, especially at a glory hole, and when I backed away a little to wait for the next $5, instead of wiping the cum off my face, I left it, and when the next bill came thru the hole I put my lips, still covered with cum back against the hole as the next cock slid into my mouth and began fucking my lips.

I suppose at this point the guys were getting excited at what was going on, because the next dozen or so guys got off really quick as one after another they shot their loads into my open mouth and onto my tongue, and a couple of them never even stuck their cocks into my mouth, they just jerked off onto my tongue, and quite a bit missed and splashed on my face around my lips. But, all good things come to an end, and I was getting really uncomfortable in that position so I pulled back and shut the panel, and then turned facing the camera to show the cum painting my face around my mouth, and I reached out with my tongue to lap up anything I could reach, and used my finger to sweep the majority of the cum on my face into my mouth - and swallowed for the camera.

I reached over for a tissue to wipe my face, and then dampened a paper towel to clean it off, but within a few minutes I'd reopened the panel, and there was a $5 bill waiting to be taken. I guess the guy had been watching the previous show, because he was apparently waiting for my mouth against the hole, but instead I stuck my right index finger with it's red shaped nail into the hole, and beckoned his cock into the hole.

It was probably good timing, because the cock that came into the hole this time was huge, a good 10 inches long, cut, and dark black - it would have choked me and caused my eyes to tear if it had been thrust into my mouth and throat. I immediately took the head into my mouth and began to suck gently and ran my tongue over the end, but instead of trying to fit a lot of it into my mouth I reached over and stuck the fingers of my right hand into the large glass of cum on the shelf, and then began to stroke his shaft, using the mixed cum for lubrication, as I worked on the head.

His cock was long enough that I soon had both hands going, and I was massaging the cum all over his shaft, and then I could feel the pulse against my fingers as his cum shot up his shaft and began to pour into my mouth, as I continued to milk him with my fingers. Not only was his cock a choker, but his load of cum would've been a choker also if I'd tried to swallow it, but instead I kept my lips around the end and let his extremely thick, hot goo fill my mouth, and by the time he was drained my cheeks were pushed out a little, and when he pulled back and out of my mouth with an audible pop, I picked up the glass and leaned over it, and let my mouthful of cum fall into the glass slowly, for the camera, glob by glob.

The cocks kept coming thru the hole one after another, and most of them tasted like urine when they I first took them in my mouth since almost everyone had stopped to pee first, and I serviced them one by one, working as hard as I could to get them to release their hot juices into my mouth as quickly as possible.

I soon had the glass filled to the rim, and from that point on I was swallowing the hot blasts right down after a quick sticky tongue shot for the camera. Load after load blasted into my mouth, and I sat there sucking, licking, and stroking the shafts with my lips, and as I was still coaxing the last drop out of one set of balls I could feel the previous load of cum still dripping down the back of my throat towards my stomach.

For the rest of the night there was never a moment where there wasn't a dick to be sucked, and I'd completely lost track of time and was totally into the Zen of it all, just totally absorbed in making all those cocks surrender their cum to me as quickly as possible - and then suddenly, thru the hole, I saw the lights flash on and off a few times, and when I looked over at the small clock on the wall I saw it was 1:55, closing time. The hallway was suddenly empty, so I leaned back and took a breather.

I knew there was only the finale for the video left, and though my stomach was feeling slightly full I wasn't stuffed yet. I turned halfway towards the camera and carefully picked up the martini glass, which was full to the rim, a full quart of pale yellow viscous cum.

From the earlier gulping I know it was going to be somewhat disgusting since it was now cold, but I mentally prepared myself for it, and I slowly lifted it up towards the camera, in a toast, and then brought it to my lips and slurped a good amount from the rim of the glass till my mouth was full. I tilted my head back for the camera and opened my mouth to show that it was full to the rim, and then closed my mouth and swallowed, my throat working as I gulped it down, then showed my empty mouth to the camera.

Since the level in the glass was now low enough, I tilted back my head, mouth open and tongue out, and poured some more in from a few inches away so the camera could catch the thick texture as it flowed between my lips and on to my tongue, and when I had filled my mouth to the rim, I put down the glass and again gulped down that mouthful. By this time I was getting a little queasy, and as much as I like drinking it at body temperature it was completely different cold like that, with these thick clots of cum catching in my throat as I tried to swallow. So I sat there for a minute and let it all finish dripping down my gullet and into my stomach.

There was still a little over a pint left, but all the thick globs of cum had been floating on the top of the glass so I had already swallowed them down. After a minute or so I again raised the glass in a toast to the camera, lifted it to my lips, and gulped down what was left in the glass, and made sure the angle allowed the camera to catch my throat working as I kept swallowing till it the glass was empty. And then I tilted my head back and let the last few globs fall onto my tongue, and finally licked the inside of the glass as clean as I could. Holding up the empty glass next to my face I opened my mouth to show it was empty, and then made a mock bow to the camera.

I took the cash that was on the table and added it to the pile, and then did the same with the money from the tip container. I really had no idea how many cocks I'd drained, but while the day had some slow periods, the active periods had been as busy as I'd ever had. And I'd been there for 12 hours that day instead of my usual 8-hour shift. When I got done counting the money, I found that the regular pay came to $755, which was a new record for me at the hole - 151 cocks and as many loads of cum. And the tips were also a record and came out to $585. There was a knock on the door, and I unlocked it to see Joe and the 2 video guys, and Joe handed me an envelope and said 'here's the remaining $2500' and the camera man said 'the recording went great, the lighting and sound were perfect, and hopefully it'll make a fortune'

I replied 'Hey, I just did it for the art' and grinned.

They left, and I put all the money in my jacket pocket - I had made a total of $6,340 for 12 hours work, which I'd have done for free. I headed out to the bathroom, and noticed my stomach was making a sloshing noise as I walked down the hall (another day of fasting tomorrow). And after washing my face, I headed out the back door - already thinking about the upcoming Friday night and another shift at the glory hole.

I Love This Job!!!!!!!!!!!

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