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The Brutal Trucker - No.15 - by Danhol900

Brutal Trucker Sex #15

Recap of Chapter 14 for context:

"I kept up my pleading until Mr.  Spignotti had had enough.  He callously instructed Sgt. Carter, "Sergeant,  I'm tired of this whore's fuckin belly aching.  Cram whatever the fuck you  want down his throat so I can plow the bitch in fuckin peace .  Sgt. Carter  was not the kind that needed to think long and hard about a command like this as  I heard the familiar sound of a ipper
descending for the third time that  night.

Sgt. Carter was already poised with his crotch at my head so a simple press  on my forehead downward had me in the erfect position for a second throat rape  of the night by Sgt. Carter's humungous shiny black cock.  Already a  generous coating of precum dribbled from the dick head.  This time all I  heard was, "Fuck Yeahhhh!!  as my throat expanded suddenly and my dam's apple  was forced up and out of the way of the quickly descending cock head.  I  was forced to image what the scene looked like as camera flashes reminded me  this was all being preserved on film; my face blushed a rosy glow as Sgt. Carter  began picking up the speed of his second "honky throatin'  of my very first shift  at Spignotti and Sons...

Brutal Trucker Sex Chapter 15:

There I was with a pissed off Mr. Spignotti slamming my battered and  bruised butthole with all his strength and the huge lack monster cock of Sgt.  Carter slamming, without any constraints, directly down my upturned  throat.  Both men quickly hit their full fuck-strides and adjusted their  powerful thrusts so that each burly man's forward shove was matched with an  equally intense forward smash of the other.  The result was that I was  being pummeled by cock from both ends and yet surprisingly remained motionless  on the polished surface of the shift supervisor's desktop.  The bastards  instinctively set about the task of pounding my respective holes with an  intensity I'd never experienced before.  Sarge even throttled my throat  with both hands at one point while viscously pummeling my throat.  I heard  his testosterone drenched guttural grunts of "Fuck yeah, Oh fuck yeah.   Shit man, I can fuckin feel my dick ripping this fuck tube apart from the  outside and the inside.  This bitch is nothing but a fuck tube for black  army dick, a fuckin army dick tube .  

Sarge really seemed to be enjoying  himself, like a kid in a candy shop.  I could hear the intense pleasure in  his voice and actually felt a twinge of pride.  His hands compressing my  throat normally would have sent off survival alarms but in this case it really  didn't matter since with his shiny black dick balls deep in my mouth I wasn't  breathing any time soon anyway.  It was just one more sensation as black  cock filled the inside of my throat and black hands straddled around the outside  of my throat.  I was engulfed by strong male "Blackness  and it felt really  good.

Despite these feelings I was powerless to see anything that was going on  around me as my entire world focused on three things, the thick Italian cock  with the wide mushroom head battering my butt, the humungous black cock tearing  up my throat and my instinctive need to continue breathing throughout it  all.  I gave up all resistance by this point since it was clear any  resistance was futile.  I actually began to enjoy these new sensations with  all other options systematically removed from me; I had no other choice  anyway.  I was not enjoying the sensations for myself of course since I was  in extreme agony.  I would have screamed if my throat wasn't stuffed to  overflowing; I began enjoying the sensations that I imagined Mr. Spignotti and  Sgt. Carter were feeling as they brutally fucked me with their escalating  animalistic lust.  I was getting my pleasure vicariously, through my  perceived pleasure for Mr. Spignotti and Sarge.

I felt Sarge begin to drive faster and more powerfully into my throat  first, knowing that this could signal the inevitable draining of his Black Army  balls for the second time that night down my tormented throat.  Mr.  Spignotti however still had not forgiven me for my earlier insubordination; his  goal was still to teach me a fuckin lesson I would not soon forget.  I  heard the occasional grunt of exertion from between my twisted, painful legs as  Mr. Spignotti pulverized my hole relentlessly.  Mr. Spignotti's cock was  pummeling the hole in the pink rose panties and must have looked like he was  fucking a real whore in any close-up photos taken by the impatiently waiting  truckers.

Finally Sarge started slamming his black cock balls deep in full throat  fuck glory without any concern for my own well being.  My throat passively  opened to accommodate the intrusion, coating his cock with mucous as if nature  itself conspired to add to his pleasure.  I knew he was about to pop when  he drove deep and held it there; his heavy black balls resting firmly on my eyes  of my upturned face.  I felt his cock thicken even more while twitching and convulsing inside my throat canal.  Spurt after spurt of slimy goo slid  down my throat as I heard, "Fuck yeah, Oh Shit.  Fuck, Fuck, Fuck  yeah.  Shit.  Shit.
God Damnmit Fucken Shit  with the final short milking stabs of his cock down my throat.

Mr. Spignotti was nowhere near close to finishing yet so Sarge quickly grabbed my arms in order to prevent Mr. Spignotti from driving my head clear  through the wall; so powerful and irate were his plunges now.  All I heard  from him was furious, "Fuckin bitch, fuckin pussy hole bitch.  Take my god  dammed cock you fuckin ingrate slut, bitch, whore! .  Each prominent  syllable was still punctuated by a painful stab of that dreaded latex covered  cock.  I was almost frantic now and was mumbling incomprehensibly so much  that Mr. Spignotti spat out to Sgt. Carter, "What the fuck did I tell you about  keeping that bitch hole stuffed, Sergeant?  I don't want to hear any more  from this bitch till he learns his fuckin proper place at Spignotti and Sons is  with a dick in every fuckin hole .  

In order to keep my babbling quiet Sarge turned around completely and with  my head still hanging over the edge of the desk straddled my upturned face with  his sweaty black ass, grabbed my head with both strong black hands and pressed  his grimy asshole directly over my lips.  "Put those pretty red lips to  good use, bitch.  Tongue your ole Sarge's ass for him.  Make my ass  sing with those pretty red lips, bitch  he growl.  

Again, there was no  choice for me than to run my tongue up and down the ass crack of my new black  supervisor, while being "hate-fucked  by the enraged sadistic Sicilian owner of  a warehouse in this dilapidated commercial neighborhood of Jersey City.  

In order to add further to my utter humiliation, Sgt. Carter let rip one of  the wettest and smelliest farts I've ever felt and felt.  This was while I  had my lips completely covering his grimy black asshole and he was pushing his  muscular butt cheeks backwards in syncopated rhythm against Mr. Spignotti's  relentless pounding.  With my red painted lips sealed to Sarge's ass lips  and my tongue playfully tickling every wrinkle and crease I heard the muffled  sloppy fart exploding from his asshole directly into my mouth.  There was  no place for the pungent gas to escape other than into my lungs.  My cheeks  swelled
immensely as laughter erupted from Sarge, Mr. Spignotti and the  impatiently waiting truckers outside.  A slick gelatinous liquid splattered  the inside of my mouth, covering my tongue and cheeks with its pungent  taste.  I had become my strong, black supervisor's fartbag and surprisingly  I felt completely at home.  

I heard Sarge spit out, "AHHH FUCK that felt  good!  Fucking faggot loves my black ass juice, don't you honky.  We  just might have to start posting you on full service toilet duty once you  graduate from Ole Sarge's special Spignotti Boot Camp.  How Ëœbout it bitch,  like to be a fucking toilet for these road weary truckers to use?  Turn you  into a fuckin full service truck stop toilet for them all , as laughter and  cheers erupted on from behind the glass.  

My dick normally would have  snapped to attention at the mental picture these words implanted in my mind but  I fought my natural inclinations, out of deference to Mr. Spignotti's explicitly  clear wishes.  Mr. Spignotti understood my innermost thoughts however and  brusquely checked my still limp cock just to make sure this new degrading  torment wasn't tickling some sick chord in my psyche.  Satisfied he resumed  his dreaded hate-fuck.  

At last, Mr. Spignotti seemed to forget about inflicting pain on me and  concentrated on his own pleasure.  I encouraged this as best I could; not  making a sound but squeezing my ass muscles on every down thrust.  I could  sense the anger subsiding as his pleasure increased and the strokes became  smoother and more rapid.  When it seemed clear that Mr. Spignotti couldn't  hold off the inevitable much longer I felt him grab my upturned throat with his  right hand and squeeze it as tight as he could.  My air was cutoff while  the excruciating pounding continued on my butt and my tongue continued sliding  up, around and into Sarge's slimy black ass.  Mr. Spignotti squeezed as  hard as he could as I felt his body pause and stiffen in full downward  thrust.  

I felt Mr. Spignotti's latex covered cock twitching inside me and  knew the lucky condom was catching all the precious fluid I had endured so much  for.  He brutally ripped his cock free at the same instant he released his  grip on my poor traumatized throat.  I was in so much pain, my cunt had  been battered for what felt like hours and my throat was beaten from the inside  and the outside by these two powerful and sadistic men.

Mr. Spignotti callously allowed me to slide off the desk and collapse to  the floor clutching my throat and gasping for air.  A mean and nasty look  was on his face as he stared down at me, his hatred still not satiated.   Angrily he grabbed my hair, pulled my gaping mouth upward and spit out several  slimy gobs of spit directly into my mouth in rapid fire succession; just to  remind me of my place in the pecking order.  There was nothing to do other  than to swallow the whole slimy load as my stomach turned.  "You fuckin  slut , he shouted at the top of his lungs.  "I'm fuckin not done with you  yet.  We're gonna
pick this shit up again tonight.  You're gonna  regret that you had the fuckin balls to try to stop me from pumping your hole;  fuckin rue the god-damned day!!!   A new realization hit me that each new  torment was designed to inflict as much pain and humiliation as possible and  further to breakdown any semblances of resistance that remained within me.   Honestly I could not begrudge Mr. Spignotti this since he had done what he said  he was going to do earlier, " ... teach me not to worry so much about my self and  concentrate on giving pleasure to whatever hard cock was presented .  

It had all worked as I became a ruined wreck of what I had been before I  met George Kincaid at the Interstate 287 Rest Area.  Looking down at his  Trojan covered cock Mr. Spignotti coldly informed Sgt. Carter, "I'm not giving  this bitch the fuckin pleasure of my ball juice this time; fuckin slimy  bitch.  I'm still too god damned pissed at the slut; fuckin balls to try to  determine when and how I'd be using the cunt!  Asswipe fuckin tried to stop  me!  Me!!  he bellowed at full voice as I cringed in submissive horror on  the floor still clutching my aching throat.  "Fucking Bitch doesn't realize  I own the slut, every fuckin hole and hair on its body.  God Dammit, I'm  still not done teaching this bitch a lesson but I see by the clock it's almost  6:30AM and I've got fuckin work to do.  On tomorrow's shift you can do  whatever the fuck you want with that mouth and throat Sergeant, but that slimy  fuckin ass is mine.  You got that Sergeant, fuckin mine?   A booming  "Sir, Yes Sir  echoed in the office.

"God Damn those fuckin bastards out there have been waiting long enough for  a taste of bitch hole tonight , he continued cruelly, "toss Ëœem the slut and  give Ëœem the rest of the shift.  Shit there's what Ëœbout thirty hard cocks  and thirty minutes left in the shift?  A minute a cock; just might be  doable for this slut  as I heard cheers from behind the glass.

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