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Italian God - by The Master

I was alone. That in itself was an uncommon occurrence. There was a family emergency. My father had been hospitalized, and the doctor wasn't hopeful. It wasn't possible for me to leave the country just then. I had to finalize a business deal the next day. Normally I would have put it off but the circumstances made it impossible. So my wife left for 'home, taking the kids with her. I would join them tomorrow evening.

So there I was, home alone with not a damn thing to do! Well, that's not quite accurate. I could have been doing any number of things. I had several projects that needed my attention. I just couldn't concentrate! My mind was on my father and how much I wanted to be with him right now. I tried. Really, I did - but it was no use. Mistakes were the only thing I was going to accomplish as I tried to work.

I wanted to go out. Find me some action! But it was too late. I had managed to move my appointment up, so I had to get up rather early in the morning. I knew that if I went out now, I wouldn't get very much sleep.

Tomorrow was going to be a trying day, so that option just wasn't feasible. Damn!

So I sat in front of the television and tried to find something to watch. Now I don't get to relax in front of the television often - so it should have worked. It should have taken my mind off of everything! It didn't. I couldn't find a thing I wanted to watch. I'm sure this was due to my emotional state instead of the programming.

I was just about to go stark raving mad, so to speak, when the doorbell rang. I jumped at the chance. I now had something to do! My emotional anxiety washed away the instant I opened the door. The man standing there said something. He had to repeat it twice more before I understood him. Standing there was a god!

He was about six foot tall and his chest was almost twice as broad as my own. Raven black hair framed his rugged face. His five-o'clock shadow accentuated his square jaw-line and brought out the red in this lips. But those eyes... Oh those eyes! The brightest green eyes stared back at me and my attention was wholly fixed there. I hadn't even had time to study his body before those eyes captured me.

'My car - broken - phone? Was what he was trying to say.

His use of the language wasn't very good. I guessed that he was Italian.

'You're gorgeous, I found myself saying, in English, without thinking.

'You speak English? he said. He smiled broadly and it broke the spell those eyes had cast upon me.

'Uh, yeah. I had just realized what I had said. Now I'm not nearly that open, ever! So, I was a bit self-conscious at that point. My gaze dropped but I corrected that as soon as I discovered what my eyes were doing.

'I have a problem with my car. Could you help me in getting some assistance? I don't speak that language here very well, as you can tell. He was still smiling. I knew then that he spoke English very well and had undoubtedly understood what I had said.

'Sure, come on in, I said - opening the door wider so that he could enter. What was I doing? Letting this guy into my home? My mind said 'That's why. and I realized I was staring a his butt. He turned back around to me and I jerked my head up before I could make the mistake of staring at his crotch.

'You are very kind.

'Oh, it's no bother. Come on in and sit down. I'll call a mechanic for you.

'Thank you. I don't think I would be able to make him understand me, if I tried it.

I led him into the family room. I sat down on the couch so that I could talk on the telephone, while I motioned for him to sit anywhere he wished. I was already dialing the phone when he sat down. He sat down right next to me! It's a three person couch and there are two other chairs as well - but he sat down right next to me. I felt his knee brush mine and I was instantly hard. Luckily my ring was answered just then. A distraction.

He sat quietly, speaking only when I asked him the whereabouts of his car. I'm not sure what I was feeling when I hung up. Scared? Exhilarated? Hopeful? Probably a little of all those. You see, the mechanic wouldn't be able to get here for another three hours.

'I'm sorry, but he won't be able to get to you for three hours. He's rather swamped, so he said. I was trying to figure out what to do next when I felt his hand on my leg.

'Then we have time.

'Time? I said.

'I'm sorry. He withdrew his hand. 'I just thought, from your statement earlier...

'Oh, you were right? I.... I... I just scared myself, that's all.

'Oh, good. His hand returned to my leg and began to move toward my crotch.

'I'm just not usually...

'Shhhhh, he whispered and kissed me.

God! I was in heaven. I began to relax as this handsome stranger kissed and fondled me. The spicy scent coming off his body made this almost a religious experience!

'Wh.... I stammered as he broke off the kiss. He just smiled at me with those ivory teeth and stood up. He began to remove his clothing. I started to stand up, but I felt a strong hand on my shoulder urging me to stay.

'No. he said, 'Just watch.

I relaxed into the cushions and he began, once again, to unbutton his shirt. His chest was thick with the same dark hair that covered the top of his head and ran down to his shoulders. The skin beneath was the same dark tan of his face. There didn't seem to be an ounce of fat on his body. His chest was naturally broad and his muscles normal, his body definition wonderful without being overly muscular..

His pants dropped to reveal muscle hardened legs sporting the same tan skin and the same dark hair. He was gorgeous! The bulge in his underwear hinted at his endowment, and it wasn't skimpy!

I was boiling by this time. Every nerve in my body wanted him. I had to restrain myself from jumping him when he removed his underwear. My eyes followed that thick trail off fur running down from his naval to find an erect cock that had to be just over seven and a half inches long and a good two and a half to three inches thick. His balls were lost in his hair, I could only see hints of them.

'You like watching me? He succeeded in drawing my attention back to his face, and I got lost in those green eyes again.

'Yes, I whispered. My hands began to reach for my clothing. I think I intended to rip it off, but he wouldn't allow it.

'No, let me do it. This naked Adonis bent down between my legs and rested his body against my groin while he unfastened the buttons on my shirt. He seemed to purposely move slowly while he kept me entranced with those eyes. It wasn't until he began to caress my body that the spell was broken.

I closed my eyes and suppressed a moan. My body was on fire and he was stroking it to new heights. With every piece of clothing he removed, he repeated the process. He didn't just strip me, he explored my body. And when he €˜explored' my cock and balls, I almost lost it right there. I had never felt anything like this. All he was doing was touching me and I was ready to cum!

'Stand up. He didn't need to ask - just tell. He was the one in control and I didn't care. I stood.

'Turn around. His voice was not much more that a whisper. As I turned around, I felt those strong arms envelope my body. He hugged me to him. The heat of our bodies adding to the lust that was broiling between us.

'Kneel on the couch. I wasn't sure what he meant, nor what he had in mind. I folded my legs under me and faced the back of the couch. This must have been what he wanted, for he didn't protest. He began exploring the back of my entire body with his hands, just like he had done to the front when he undressed me.

His hands were on my butt and I felt him push the cheeks apart slightly. I began to panic. Panic turned to pleasure when I felt his stubble rubbing against my ass cheeks. His tongue began to probe for my hole and I moaned. My cock jumped each time his tongue found it's way to my sensitive pucker. I felt remorse when he pulled away.

I felt him stand up and he leaned over my body, wrapping his arms around my chest. One of his hands found it's way to my cock. I groaned at the merest touch. He began sliding his cock between my butt cheeks.

I panicked! I twisted myself out of his grasp, sitting my ass on the couch. He hadn't resisted my panicked motions and now he stood before me looking puzzled. My heart sank at his expression and I felt the temptation to allow him my virgin ass.

'I.. I.. I don't do that. I stammered. He smiled and I was relieved.

'That's okay, he said and leaned down to kiss me. 'There's still so much else, he whispered.

He gently spread my legs with his hands as he knelt down before me. Holding my shaft in one hand, his other began to massage my balls and the sensitive spot behind them. I groaned as he began to lick the head of my cock. My eyes closed, I gripped the cushions tightly - ridding the waves of pleasure.

He plunged my cock down his throat and my eyes shot open. I emptied my load into his mouth before he could even pull his head up.

I felt a bit embarrassed for not being able to control myself better. But I didn't have time to dwell upon it. He began milking my cock with his mouth. Don't ask me how, I couldn't summon the strength to watch, but he kept my orgasm going. It was so intense and lasted so long! Never in my life had I had an orgasm like that, and I doubt I will again.

When that instant of forever was over and I slumped into the cushion, he pulled himself off my cock. He climbed' up my body. Siting/laying beside me with his arms around my chest and shoulder and his leg wrapped around mine. His stiff cock was jutting into my side.

We kissed and I looked at him and smiled.

'My turn, I said and pushed him backward to recline on my couch. His cock didn't curve a bit. It stood straight up from his body, his magnificent body. I wanted that cock in my mouth. To feel the head brushing the back of my throat as I fucked my face with his rod!

I forced myself to go slowly, to give this god as much pleasure as he had given me. Not that sucking this stud wouldn't give me pleasure. I licked at his circumcision scar and he moaned. I flicked my tongue across his piss-slit and his cock jumped in my hands. I explored every inch of his rod with my tongue, breathing in his spicy man scent, before I took him.

The sound he made as I downed his cock in one gulp isn't possible to describe. It almost sounded painful but I knew it was pleasure, and it only spurred me on. I made love to that penis! Servicing it like a devoted worshipper. Up and down, down with a twist, up with a twist, my throat muscles attempting to swallow him - I devoured this gorgeous man.

I felt his body tense as his orgasm neared so I slowed down a bit and squeezed hard with my lips. He groaned and I let my teeth touch him, ever so lightly. He exploded in my mouth in a steady stream of cum. Most of his hot cream went down my throat, but it was more than I could swallow. I had to release his cock or drown. He continued to spew his hot cum onto my tongue and face and the delicous, sweet tasting, thick cream dripped onto his perfect pecs, ran down his abs and onto the sofa.

I attempted to milk his cock the same way he had done mine. I don't know if I succeeded in mimicking his actions but I did succeed in getting a series of long and lound groans out of him.

His head was thrown back and his hands gripped any edges he could find on the couch. I watched him come down from that orgasmic high, his throat framed against the dark mass of his hairy chest. When I couldn't get another drop of his seed out of him and his cock began to soften, I pulled off. He was looking at me then, those green eyes calling to me. I inched my way up his body and kissed him.

We laid that way, him reclined across the couch - me laying on top of him, kissing for some undetermined amount of time. I fell asleep with my head on his chest, breathing him in, and his arms around me.

When I awoke he was gone and I felt an emptiness deep inside me. He had his car to get to after all and I had a wife and a family. What was I thinking? It was late, I realized, so I headed off to bed.

I felt a pang of remorse at not letting him be the one to 'pop my cherry before I fell into an exhausted sleep.

The End.

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