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Eighteenth Birthday - by Zat

Dave Moore sat hunched over his desk with his lamp turned low and his textbooks spread open in front of him. He glanced sleepily at the clock on the wall and ran his hand through the soft waves of his shaggy, red hair. It was past midnight. Exactly five minutes ago he had turned eighteen.

But this didn't promise to be much like any of his other birthdays. There would be no cake. No candles. No gaily wrapped presents. No day off from house chores and homework. His parents had sent a card with money. There had been other cards from relatives and friends, but after being at the University of Mayville for only two weeks, he had struck up very few acquaintances.

Even his roommate, Gabe Shoeman, was still something of a stranger. He tried not to think about Gabe and his hunk wrestler's body; it was too damn distracting. He made a halfhearted effort to get back into his reading, but after a few minutes of idly using his marker to emphasize lines of text, he closed his book.Once he started thinking about Gabe it was almost impossible for him to concentrate on anything else.

Dave was a cute guy, but he wasn't at all pleased with his own appearance. His birthday might mean he was another year older, but he knew he still looked more like a high school kid than a young man in his first term of college. He had a round, dimpled chin, stark blue eyes and a rash of freckles on his cheeks and nose.

His body was well defined but small. His chest was as smooth and pale as an adolescent's, narrowing into a tight little waist, trim hips and lean, muscular legs.He had little body hair, except a few wisps under his arms and a smattering of rusty pubes at his groin. They feathered around the thin skin of his scrotum and trailed into the crevice of his buttocks, but were more boyish than manly.

His circumcised penis was mansized, but that did little to amend the way he felt about himself. It only served to make his body look all the smaller, especially when he had a hardon. And that, along with his homework, was the problem.

Studies at the university were definitely harder than high school...and so was his cock. He had never gone out for sports or been involved in any of the activities that would have brought him into contact with other boys stripped down to their natural beauty.

But here in the dorm, guys running around half dressed or naked was almost a way of life. Exposed genitals and bare asses abounded freely from the showers to the rec room at any hour of the day or night.He supposed even now, if he were to traipse to the lavatory, there would be one or two students parading around in skimpy briefs or totally bare-assed. All of that ripe young flesh swinging freely from all those hot young male crotches kept Dave's large pecker constantly on the bone.

Dave didn't understand why his penis insisted on responding to the sight of the exposed genitals of other males. But that was exactly what was happening.

Not that he had ever been intimate with girls or even considered dating.Sex was something he took care of by hand and dismissed without letting it intrude upon the rest of his life--a solitary, necessary function that he handled as mechanically as taking a piss.But he had been denied the privilege of exercising that mechanical function.

With a roommate and twenty other guys on his floor, there were few places to safely jack off without risking getting caught.Even the toilet stalls were doorless.That hadn't stopped some of his dormmates.He had already walked in on more than one boy whose bare ass was parked on a stool, shirt hiked up to his nipples, legs spread, shorts and slacks down around his ankles while he pounded the hell out of his ready- to-shoot prick--oblivious to the steady flow of traffic going in and out of the john.

Dave glanced at the furniture and belongings opposite his side of the room. The dormswere set up with everything in duplicate.Besidesdesks which also functioned as headboards, there was a pair of twin beds, a pair of closets containing matching built in dressers and full-length mirrors and a pair of blind-covered windows.His eyes stole from the books on top of his desk to the figure curled up beneath the sheet on the other side of the room.Gabe Shoeman had turned eighteen just last week, but he was a striking contrast to the redhead.His dark shaggy hair framed a rugged face with deep brown eyes and a square jaw. His shoulders were wide, his waist nipped in tightly and his legs sported more hair than Dave had on his entire body. He even had a crest of dark fuzz starting to grow between his developed pecs. What Dave had seen of Gabe's cock, told the redhead that the other boy's penis was also mansized, and there was no way to miss that forest of shaggy pubes sprouting above it. Gabe was the main reason Dave was constantly throwing a rod, coupled with the fact that the redhead couldn't find a private place to beat his meat. But even if Dave's young nuts hadn't been filled to the point of squirting on their own, the other boy was humpy enough to start anyone's ball sap flowing.

Gabe was forever finding excuses to strip down to his jock strap or strut around bare-assed.

"I'm going to shower later," he'd announce, making a show of tugging down his jeans and wriggling out of his briefs, leaving on only his shirt and tennis shoes, his meaty cock dangling casually between his sturdy thighs. Or he'd feign changing clothes, get sidetracked in the process and end up in his athletic supporter on his bed with his humpy ass high in the air and his legs splayed wide while the two young men studied.

These brazen displays of flesh sent Dave up the wall (not to mention how they interfered with his studies). He never went around in less than slacks and a T-shirt and usually did his homework at his desk to hide his hardon from the others.

Now with the midnight hour upon him and his roomie slumbering peacefully in the other twin bed, Dave felt a surge of sex-fever tingle through his young balls.He slid his chair back and rubbed the palm of his hand over the burgeoning lump in his khaki slacks.Instantly, his youthful penis throbbed to life, straining behind the pressure of his zipper.He let out a loud groan and saw a dark spot of precum seep through the fabric.He HAD to get his rocks off and SOON!

For someone who had been used to whacking off three or four times a day, two weeks was too damn long to go without milking out a thick load of man-cream.If he didn't pull his pud soon, he was afraid his nuts would explode.His fingers went to his waistband and popped the button through the hole.His zipper unreeled of its own accord, and moments later he was sliding out of his shoes, socks and slacks.

Dave sat there in just his scanty shorts and knit pullover.He froze when Gabe rolled onto his back.The sheet draping the brunette's nude frame sagged below his waist, exposing his navel and the beginning trail of crisp, dark pubes that arrowed into his groin.But he didn't open his eyes, and soon the even cadences of his slumbering breath nurtured the silence of the room again.

The redhead fingered the wet blotch on the front of his underpants, gave his sleeping roomie another cautious glance, then lifted his ass and yanked his briefs off.He didn't care what the risks were, he had to unload his aching nuts.His long fat cock towered above the spread of his thighs, the velvety smooth crown slimy with his copious lube, his almost hairless balls snugged painfully into the "V" of his legs and a tremor of anticipation vibrated through his thick shaft.

He licked both his palms until they were dripping with saliva, then lowered them to his raging hardon.With his fingers aimed in opposite directions, he rolled his cock between the flats of his hands.When he had first started masturbating, he had used this ambidextrous method of jacking off until he discovered the pleasures and expediency of just pumping fist.By placing his fingers pointing away from each other, one palm glided across the top of his shaft while the other rubbed his inflated cum tube.The angry pink glans of his helmeted crown was left free to vibrate above the rocking motion of his manipulations.His breath quickened and his small chest heaved.

He glanced at Gabe again to be sure his roomie was still asleep.The other eighteen yearold's lids were still closed but something showing between his sturdy thighs wasn't sleeping.The sheet was pitched high above the muscular planes of his tummy like a pup tent on a beach of flesh, and the gap between the boy's hairy abdomen and the cover gave a teasing preview of his huge shadowy erection.

Dave let out another loud moan when he spotted the thinly camouflaged hardon and stopped the double palm action on his pulsing ram.As much as he needed to purge the pressure of his cum loaded testicles, he was mesmerized by the size and shape of Gabe's swollen fuck tool.

Leaving his clothes under his desk, he let his stiff pecker lead the way to the other side of the room, and he squatted bare-assed, from his waist down, beside the sleeping youth.His eyes scrutinized the other eighteen-year-old's handsomely mature face while he carefully and gently stroked the boner waving like a lance from the fold of his own lap.He couldn't get over how much older Gabe looked for his age than he did.If there was a secret to maturity, at least in appearance, Dave hadn't stumbled upon it.

He let his eyes slither from the bull neck over the small, brown nipples and the thin crest of hair between them, across the firm belly to where the sheet was tenting.Everything about Gabe excited the redhead.Just being that close to him and inhaling the clean, fresh scent of his maleness was enough to make Dave cream.He had to see that hard penis out in the open.

He thought about the door being unlocked and what someone would think if they came in and found him squatting in only his jersey, sporting an erection while he was studying his roomie's aroused organ, but he didn't care.His lusty needs were stoked by the fire in his young balls, and nothing, short of Gabe's waking, was going to stop him.

Constantly darting glances at Gabe's face and with trembling hands, Dave lifted the sheet and dropped it low on Gabe's thighs.

The magnificent cock that greeted his glazed eyes was slightly larger than his own and was creamy pink with a wide cobra flaring crown.A generous pearl of precum had gushed through the wide urethra and was beading down to the bold ridge of the glans.Every inch of the brunette's groin was spiked with the dense growth of his bush, including the lower two inches of his shaft and his massive balls.

Dave squatted beside the bed in awe, having abandoned his hand action on his own cock. Without bothering to check again to see if Gabe was still asleep, he leaned in toward the handsome groin and inhaled deeply.The spicy odor that assailed his nostrils was overpowering, a sensual mix of ball lube and musk.It literally took Dave's breath away.He threw all caution to the wind and brought his face up to the towering hardon until his nose was just grazing the finely veined shaft.

As carelessly as he had handled his sexual release in the past, something told him it would never be that absent minded again.

Letting his nostrils flare wide and moving his face up and down the shaft, he sniffed every inch of Gabe's standing pecker.When he had scooted around so his face was between the hirsute thighs, he nosed into the plump hang of testicles, actually feeling the pubes scratch his cheek and getting a good whiff of the full-bodied aroma that lingered under the nubby scrotum.

He had smelled his way back to the swollen head, when Gabe's hard prick gave a jerk and hit him in the mouth. The precum stuck to his lips and webbed back to the glans where the erection stalled into place once more.Dave's tongue snaked out and licked up the ball lube, instantly taking to the strange, robust flavor.Without another thought, he leaned forward and let the tip of his tongue scoop up the rest of the cum gushing from the piss slit.

Without realizing it, he had tasted cock, and there was no turning back.He licked around the velvety head, flattened his tongue over the fat, dorsal tube and worked his way down into the warm, hairy nuts.

Each new taste sent lusty shocks tingling through his small, manly physique.His hand unconsciously settled on his own cock again and slowly jacked up and down.

He feasted his senses on his roomie's powerful erection, unable to quench his newly discovered appetite for cock.There was no question of right or wrong, just as there was no longer any fear of discovery.He was lost in the euphoria of his long overdue awakening to the pleasures of sex outside the perimeters of his auto-erotic experiences.

Because of his curiosity to view his roommate bone hard and his burning need to satisfy the two week storage of semen in his plump balls, he had unconsciously made the transition from adolescence to manhood.

He wanted to spread his lips and take the mushrooming helmet deep in his mouth, but he wasn't certain he could accomplish that without waking the sleeping youth. To suck the cockhead wholly into his mouth would have required bending it towards him, and he knew that sniffing and licking it was foolhardy enough.

His hand continued to stroke on his own pecker, gradually increasing speed until his heavy balls were slapping noisily against the inside of his thighs.He could feel the currents of air in the room rushing beneath the cheeks of his ass and toying with the exposed crevice that harbored the delicate rosebud of his anus.A glossy film of sweat sucked his jersey to the contours of his chest and slicked his arms and legs.He was consumed in the throes of lust and first love--his instant passion for Gabe's heady jock--and the dormitory and the night faded to the backdrop of his mind.

Suddenly, he felt those point-of-no-return warnings tremor through his cum tube. The sensitive lips of his glans mouthed a noiseless message, a fiery charge engulfed his brain, then seconds later was followed by torrents of scalding hot ball juice.As the first splatters of semen hit the side of the bed, he stood and sprayed the rest of his load on his roomie's sheet, some of the sticky globs hitting the brunette's tummy and cock.It was a belated birthday gift for Gabe to enjoy when he awakened in the morning.

It seemed like Dave would never stop cumming.One volley erupted after another in a shattering, nut-draining explosion.When his climax finally subsided, a large pool of manseed was puddled next to Gabe's bare hip and more was on his groin.Carefully, Dave draped that sheet back into place over the reclining figure and turned off his lamp.

When he crawled into his own bed he was somewhat sated, his cum smeared pecker arching comfortably over his dangling balls.He had gotten a birthday present after all--wrapped gaily in a sheet--complete with a huge fleshy candle. In a matter of speaking he'd had his cake...and eaten it too.

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