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His New Life - by Alex

A Coming Out Story.

People skated, walked and trotted by, oblivious to him. Tim's parents had gone to some tourist attraction or another and he said he wasn't feeling well so he could avoid another day of tourism. It wasn't that he didn't like being with his folks and little sister. But enough was enough. For years he had wanted to come to this sunny climate..away from the 5 feet of snow, the cloudy and rainy springs and the humid summers.

Tim was eighteen and out of high school now, going to college and wanted to spend the summer just by himself. But his parents had other plans. They said it was probably their last summer together as a family and so everyone took another long road trip south.
He was alone now. He stripped naked in his motel room and pulled on a pair of cotton shorts. He could feel the warm breeze up the loose legs and it made him hard. But instead of doing what he usually did (immediately jacking off) whenever his dick arose, he left it alone.

Putting on a tee shirt as he strolled down the street, Tim was in awe of the abundance of flesh around him. He walked onto the sandy boardwalk. Women with breasts barely covered were all around him. Men with bare chests and bare buttocks, too, went by. He watched and quickly realized that most of them enjoyed being watched. He stared at everyone, including the older men with their bellies hanging over their bulging speedos, the young kids wearing thin white boxers that revealed their sex, the hunky men with thongs running up between their firm round buttocks that glowed red from the hot sun, and even the couples and the male couples.

Tim wanted to stay there. He wanted to be one of them. He wanted to be himself. He wanted to be naked and run up and down the beach. His cock was hard and his erection could be seen through his cotton shorts, but he didn't care anymore.

"You ok?" asked a long haired, thin, young guy who was standing nearby on his skates.

"Uh, yeah. Just looking around," Tim replied. The young stranger had a fresh face, thick lips and a wide smile.

Tim's blue eyes were staring at the young man's impressive crotch. He was wearing tight Levi that had been cut off so short they could not contain all of his meat.

"Yeah, I see ... lots of bodies to get excited, huh?" Tim blushed and that made the guy laugh as he sat down. "Hey, don't worry about it. I get hard looking at all this flesh, too. Want to go somewhere and smoke?"

Tim said he didn't have anything. He meant he didn't have any "joints" with him.

"No prob, I got em." he said, as he sucked in his stomach and reached inside his crotch and pulled out a home rolled butt. "My name is Joe", he said, motioning with his head for Tim to follow him.

The two new friends finished introducing themselves and Joe coasted slowly on his skate while Tim walked with him into an alley across the street. Joe turned into a doorway and Tim followed. Inside, there were four kingsize beds all pushed together in the middle of the room.

There was only room to walk around the beds which were covered with magazines.
He couldn't miss seeing there were pictures of naked men on the all of magazine covers.

"I crash here with some buds." The two sat on one of the beds and inhaled until they felt relaxed and buzzed. Joe pulled off his skates and cuttoffs and sat back down, buck naked. His cock was rock hard and had a peculiar curve. He looked down at it and muttered, "Yea it curves like a banana, but it feels good to me and some guys like it inside of them you know?"

Tim didn't know. There had only been fantasies in his head about sex with guys. He had images of naked men...touching, playing wth their nipples, cocks, balls, butts and even kissing but nothing more. Only after sneaking into a booth in a sex toy store did he find out what men did together. After that, he had played with his own butt to simulate what he had seen.

Joe put his hand on Tim's lap....feelign the hard dick that was still under cloth. "Nice," Joe said, "let's get it out in the open."

Tim lifted his hips while Joe pulled his shorts off and immediately bent over and began to give him his first blowjob.
"Come on, you turn around and do me" the Joe instructed Tim, lifting his head only long enough to tell him what to do. Tim complied...licking and tasting a cock for the first time.

Footsteps behind him made him jump.
"Sorry, you two go ahead, I just came to get my skates."

The voice belonged to a tall young guy wearing one of the sexy thong bikini's he had seen other guys wearing earlier.

The guy had a goatee, but otherwise looked pretty clean. His chest was massive and his stomach had ripples Tim had only seen in magazines.
Joe kept sucking Tim's cock and tugged at him to get back to work, too. Out of the corner of his eye, Tim saw the tall guy stand and watch while he pulled at his own crotch.

"Stick around," the tall guys said,

"I'll join you guys later."

As the tall guy disappeared through the door into the alley, Joe and Tim shot their heavy loads into each other's mouth. Tim had never tasted cum before, except he sampled his own salty load once. He was surprised that Joe's cum was sweet, but he liked it. He liked it a lot. He kept sucking on Joe's cock and in less than a minute it was hard again and shortly thereafter Tim was tasting Joe's cum again.

"Whew, you were horny" Joe said. "By the way, the tall guy is one of the guys who crashes here. We all have fun with each other." Joe had answered Tim's unspoken question.

"You ought to come back tonight when there's lots more going on. We bring in guys we like from the beach and share them every night." Joe was talking while Tim pulled his shorts up and headed for the door.

Tim stood back on the beach....peeling off his shirt and stretching, feeling the warm sun begin to color his white torso. His cock, now soft and satisfied, felt warm. His body tingled as he recalled Joe's experienced tounge and the workout he had just been given. He spent the afternoon swimming and laying in the sand and running and eating at the concession stand and looking at other half naked guys just like him.

Back at the motel, Tim's parents finally went to sleep after several attempts to get him to say what he had done all day. He sighed and almost drifted to sleep himself, but something inside told him to stay awake.

He carefully closed the motel room door behind him and quietly walked down the street again. He found himself down at the beach again now dotted with couples here and there watching the moonlight reflected from the ocean.

As if on remote control, he turned up the alley. When he realized where he was, he almost turned back, but before he could make that decision the familiar door opened and Joe appeared.

"Hey, you came back. Great! We got one hell of a group going on in there!"
They stood in the alley for a few minutes, sharing a joint. Joe patted Tim's butt and cupped his crotch from time to time.

"I hope you're ready. Remember the rules. Eveyrthing goes, you can't refuse anyone. Don't worry though, they're all hot numbers"

Inside, it was dark except for "black light" coming from the bathroom and a small red light dimly shining in a corner. There were naked men everywhere. Some guys were sucking, others were fucking, and some were just jacking while watching others. There was also a couple of imaginatively arranged threesomes.

Joe pulled Tim's hand and led him towards the mattress where they had given each other blowjobs earlier in the day. They kissed long and deep while his shirt and shorts were removed by another stranger. He didn't resist. His head became dizzy. He felt as if he was drifting into a trance. Fingers explored him, fingers stimulated him, fingers pinched him, and fingers entered him.
Tim found himself the center of attention. Joe continued his deep kiss while no less than a dozen tongues attended to every crack, crevice, pit, and appendage. The weed had Tim so relaxed he completely surrendered his body to Joe and all the others.

Tim inhaled as Joe breathed into his lungs and then exhaled as he sucked his breath away. The experience was exhilerating and the shared oxygen made him light headed. Joe inserted his tongue into Tim's almost virgin mouth. Tim was surprised at the length of Joe's tongue. It was sticking well down his throat.

He couldn't swallow his spit with Joe's long tongue in his throat and his salivating mouth began to drool. Joe withdrew his tongue and sucked the spit from Tim's mouth and swallowed it. He licked the drool from his face and reinserted his tongue in Tim's throat.
Having Joe's long tongue in his throat made Tim reminice about the blowjob he had given Joe earlier in the day. He fantasized it was Joe's cock in his mouth and he began sucking on his tongue as if it were a juicy cock. Joe let his spit flow into Tim's mouth and Tim sucked it in, as if it were sweet cum.
Unable to respond to all of the stimulation his body was receiving from all the men attending to him, Tim mostly concentrated on Joe's tongue and their spit swapping activites, but suddenly, his attention turned to his toes when one of the men began sucking on his big toe. It was a strange sensation unlike anything he had ever experienced.

Tim raised his head momentarily just enough to look and see who was sucking his cock. He was surprised to find no one was sucking his cock and that the source of the sensation was his big toe. He had heard of foot fetishes, but he never imagined the pleasure that could be derived from having a toe sucked. He had always thought of toe sucking as gross and ugly and offensive. Tim was learning that he needed to keep an open mind about sex and what might feel good. He was puzzled at why his cock was responding to the stimulation in his toes.

Tim jumped, as much as he could with so many men on him, when one of the guys accidentally (so he thought at the time) bit his nipple. With so much stimulation and so much concentration on the tongue and toe sucking, he had not noticed that one of the men had been playing with his nipples. The bite was no accident and was intended to refocus his attention to his chest.

When he walked into the coffee shop in the morning to join his parents eating breakfast, they again asked him where he had been. He smiled, saying "nowhere, everywhere."

His mother was angry, and his father glared at him.

"Sit down and eat your breakfast," his father said. He was a wise man.

And his life began.

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