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Truckstop Gloryhole - by Baldcock

I've written a few stories about my past sexual escapades before. They're posted in the CompuServe HSX200 HumanSexuality forum in different libraries and they're all TRUE --- they really did happen.

Me? I'm a bi-sexual male, 35, blond, green eyes, 5'9", 150# with average cock and big smooth floppy balls. I'm a transplanted California surfer/snowboarder and damn hot-looking in or out of my clothes. Okay, so I'm a bit cocky, too. But I got it, so I flaunt it. I enjoy showing off my body every chance I get and sometimes, I'm just a plain ol' "tease."

My wife & I used to swing with some of our male friends but of late her sexual desires have become pretty mundane. Some of my many interests include cum (I'm fascinated by male sperm, especially when it's shooting out of a big cock!), shaving, vacuum pumping, golden showers (receiving & giving), oral sex, outdoor sex, nude beaches, nudity in public places, glory holes, smooth boys, surfer boys, young foxy ladies with big breasts, musclemen, and sex with all of them.

I love it when a hot girl/woman is involved with me and a hot dude --- I think eating a pussy while it's getting fucked is hot! I'd love to eat the cum out of a freshly-fucked cunt but wouldn't because of the high risk of disease (I do have one married buddy who my wife knows who truly has an 8" cock and large floppy balls that I go down on every few months and slurp down his cum because I know he only fools around with his wife and me).

What else turns me on? 69'ing with another good-looking dude while a girl watches or finger fucks one of us. I also like to show off my hard-on or masturbate for a select audience, like at the nude beach, the YMCA or someone's house. I've been lucky to have lived in Southern California for the past 12 years and experienced most of those scenes.

Anyway, here's a true one that happen to me not too long ago that I've finally written about. Yes, this is a TRUE STORY.


I was on my way back to Charlotte, NC from Atlanta, GA (250 miles and about 4 hours driving) in mid 1996. I'd been down for my monthly electrolysis. I've been having all the hair on my balls, cock and asscrack removed for the past several years and here in the Bible belt, there was only one man (or woman for that matter) in Atlanta who would perform that proceedure. I was feeling good about myself, having been freshly "plucked", driving home with my cock and balls once again in my vacuum pump (I keep a towel handy just in case a truck or high-profile vehicle drive by). Vacuum pumping is another one of my favorite activities. While most men pump their cocks, I tend to like to pump up my balls (they're pretty tuff) to the size of two tennis balls. It makes for an impressive package. It also makes it easier for the electrologist to work on by having stretched the scrotum. But this time after visiting the YMCA and showing off my bull nuts, I hit the road and headed back home to my wife.

Along the way, I stopped at a gas station, the Speedway at exit 56 on I-85 in Greenville, SC and decided to use the truckers restroom in back. I knew it had a glory hole (the restroom has since been cleaned up and rennovated) although the only thing I ever saw in there was old, fat, ugly or all of the above. This visit was different though. Upon entering, there are two sinks opposite the door attached to a wall on the right half. Going around the wall to the left one comes to a back area containing two stalls facing the front door (only the left stall is visible from the door) and two urinals on the opposite side of the wall that the sinks are attached to (can ya kinda picture it?).

So I dropped my shorts, let my big ol' floppy balls out and sat on the stall visible to the entry door and looked through the 6" diameter glory hole. Nothing. The left stall has no door. The right stall has a door but also large cracks between the door and frame so one can see into or out of the stall. I waited for about 10 minutes, slowly stroking my cock and taking an occasional hit on some poppers. One trucker came, pissed in the urinal and left. A few minutes later, in walks this guy, probably no more than 17 or 18 and walks up to the left urinal after looking at me and noticing my hand in my lap covering myself.

He was real sweet looking --- the kind that even a straight dude would consider fucking or getting his cock sucked by. As I looked at his ass while he peed at the left urinal (he dropped his pants and boxers to his knees), he looked over his shoulder several times to see what I was doing. I showed him my hard cock and kept stroking. I guess he noticed that I was shaved (no pubes) and hard because he turned slightly sideways to show me his erection. I was instantly turned on my his smooth boyish features and 7" cock. He had average size balls, but, boy were they long and floppy with not a hair on them. He appears very smooth and has very little pubic hair. Shaving at such a young age???

I got up from my seat and stood at the right urinal. Since we're around the wall from the door, no one can see us as they first walk in. I cup his right ass cheek with my left hand and then fondle his balls and cock. He was already leaking pre-cum. Lots of it. It drooled from the tip of his penis and hung several inches long. This guy was hot! I've never seen someone with so much pre-cum. I almost thought he was having an orgasm.

We started stroking each other. Suddenly, someone walks in and takes the right-hand stall and closes the door. He's just some nameless trucker. I know he can see us as I decide to kneel in front of the guy and take his pre-cum covered prick into my mouth. I start sucking him. He tells me to slow down, that he's about to shoot his load. I stop and stand as we look at each other's hardons. We both look into the stall with the closed door and see the guy standing, looking out, popping his nut on the floor. As we turn to face the urinals, the guy in the stall flushes and leaves.

I look at the stall and motion to go in there. He says yes but that we have to hurry. His parents are waiting for him in the car.

No sooner do I sit on the john than the guy comes in behind me and locks the door, turns around and whips his still-hard dick out and into my waiting mouth. With his hands on my head, the guy starts face fucking me. I'm pretty sure he's straight, because he has those moves. You know that he knows how to fuck his girlfriend but yet a little inexperienced in the motions. His only concern is to get his nuts off. I offer him a hit of poppers. He takes a deep hit and really starts to buck his hips into my face.

Suddenly he pulls out and stops. He doesn't want to cum yet. But yet he does. His cock is twitching just an inch or so from my nose. He's not cuming yet but it sure does look like it. His cock is oozing lots of clear pre-cum. It just seeps up and out the top of his dick. As it comes out his piss hole, it just eases over the top of his beautiful mushroom cockhead and hangs down from his dick. The pre-cum string must be 6 or 7 inches long and glistens in the dim light of the dingy flourescent bulbs. I take a deep hit of the poppers and stick out my tongue and place the bottom of the shiney strand on the tip of my tongue. Slowly I take it all into my mouth. As I near his cockhead, I grab his shaft and milk upward and to my delight see even more pre-cum, now mixed with milky white cum ooze forward onto my waiting tongue. God, does this guy have alot of jizz!

He again says we need to hurry. He takes the poppers from me, does a deep hit, grabs my head and shoves his entire young 7" cock down my throat in one swift motion and starts bucking his straight little boy body into my mouth. I grab his balls and pull straight down. They're incredibly long and hairless! He seems to really enjoy the tension on his testicles. Someone else enters the bathroom and begins using the urinal probably oblivious to the two of us about to orgasm just a few feet away. As I deep throat the guy and massage my own ready-to pop meat, my tennis ball size testicles are bouncing up and down making obscene smacking sounds on the rim of the toilet. I continue to pull on the boy's nuts and listen to the man at the toilet pissing a really strong piss stream (must be a trucker) when suddenly the guy grunts, gives one final thrust of his pelvis into my mouth and begins unloading his boy juice down my throat.

I take the first two shots down my throat and let the third go in my mouth before pulling him out. It's hard because his sperm is so young and tastes so good. I continue to milk his squirting cock and shoot his cum onto me. The 4th and 5th spurts hit my cheek. The 6th and 7th go on my chest. He's still spurting! Unbelieveable. This must be a guy that hasn't cum for several days. His 8th and 9th pumps are smaller and ooze out more than shoot out. As they do, I rub them on my other cheek and smeer them all over his cock. I grab the sperm from my chest and rub it all over his balls as I continue to pull them down --- they must be 5 or 6 inches from his body!

Now it's my turn. One more quick hit of poppers. Before letting him go and while he's still in heaven, I take his balls into my mouth and pump my cock. It only takes 3 more pulls before I shoot a large, powerful stream of cum straight out between his legs and under the door onto the floor behind the pissing trucker. He's stopped pissing now. Judging by his shoes, he's facing us (must be looking) but then leaves. He must have seen my cum flying. After the first 3 gooey ropes of my jizz flew out, 3 more streams came out with less force and landed between the guy's legs right in his baggy boxers. He's watching the whole thing, smiling with a distant look in his eyes, his balls in my mouth. His cock is still half hard. It was an incredible orgasm for both of us. I continue to milk two more small gobs of cum from my prick and let them drip off the end of my cock into his boxer shorts.

As I let his balls go from my mouth, I let some of his sperm, still in my mouth, and some of my saliva into my hand and begin rubbing the wetness into his sparse pubes, onto his cock and onto his balls with both hands. He bends over and starts to pull up his boxers looking intently at my cum on the inside. He looks at me, shrugs his shoulders and pulls them up. Then he bends over and pulls up his 501's and buttons them. He looks at me and says "thanks, I needed that. But I gotta go now. Mom and dad are waiting for me in the car. We're driving to ... somewhere" who knows, I never can remember those details. He opens the stall door and walks out.

As I sat there savoring the moment, the door opened again and in walks a 20- something dude. Slender, not bad looking. Not great looking. He goes into the stall without the door and drops his blue jeans. No underwear. His cock hangs really long. I wonder how big it gets? He sits down and immediately I see from his position that he is checking out my slowly shrinking penis as it rests on top of my huge nuts hanging between my spread legs. Almost immediately he starts to stroke his cock. It's getting fatter and longer.

Oh, I wish I could stay, but I've already been here 45 inutes and my wife will kill me if I get home too late! I stand and for about ten seconds flash the guy in the next stall my shaved cock and balls, smeared with mine and the guy's cum. I pull up my shorts and head out, never looking back at what more might have been. Me and the guy had a great time. Anonymous. Sexy. Quick. Extremely erotic and somewhat dangerous. This true story will forever give me a hardon. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did living/writing it.

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