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The Truckstop- by Jack Bulldog

There is something exciting about trying new things. Especially new and different sex games, beginning with the first time guys blow a load playing with themselves. Then there are guys like me. Once I discovered masturbation, I wasn't very interested in anything else until my senior year in college.

I spent most of my weekends in my room with one hand on my cock and the other flipping pages in my textbooks. I was addicted to masturbation and averaged doing it three or sometimes four times a day. One of the new things I tried was to hold off masturbating for a week just to see how many times I could do it one day at the end of the week.

Although I didn't bother looking for real live people to have sex with, I liked to experiment with new fetishes on the internet. I tried it all: gay porn, bisexual porn, double penetration porn, tranny porn, scat porn, sex with animals, interracial sex, group sex, old people sex, exhibitionist sex, dominatrix sex, bukkake, and every other weird fetish you can think of. Chances are if you're into something weird or perverse I have already found a hundred websites and message boards dedicated to it.

One of the websites I discovered on the internet was It was there I learned about the PC muscle and how to delay and control my ejaculations. I learned that orgasms and ejaculation were two different things and that most guys confused them as being the same because they happen at almost the same time. My hours of masturbation with multiple orgasms and without ejaculation gave me amazing control and unbelievable pleasure. One 'edging' session lasted 8 hours and produced 87 orgasms before I decided to shoot my load.

My best friend at the time was a guy named Lance. One afternoon I was watching TV at his place when he told me about a great new way he had found to get off. We were close enough friends to be comfortable talking openly about sex and masturbation. I don't think there were any other guys I could have discussed perfecting my masturbation techniques.

Lance told me the key to a great mind blowing orgasm is restricting the airflow to the brain while you're working up to it, then letting go right as you blow. I didn't think he ever tried it himself and I assumed he just read about it. It was too risky for me to try.

Lance said that he hung himself in his closet while jacking off one Saturday night. Years later his parents told me that he had attempted suicide. That they found their son hanging in his closet with his pants down and his dick hard as a rock didn't add up to suicide, but they were clueless.

I imagined that if he had actually died, his parents would have been cleaning up his cum and putting pants on their dead son before the ambulance and police arrived. Lance was definitely more adventurous than me and it must have been the most embarassing moment of his life, although I can recall another seriously embarrassing moment he had.

Autoerotic asphyxia was one of the few things I never found a website for. A few months later, Lance had a new experience to tell me about. It was another fetish I missed on the internet called a 'gloryhole'. He heard about it from a guy and went looking for one. He said he found one at Frank's Truck Stop just South of the city limits. Being outside of the city limits and miles from anything else in the County, the police never went there, so it was an ideal location for a gloryhole.

Lance told me that he was going there every Saturday night and he always got lucky because there was a chick named Lucy that had an insatiable appetite for cock. He recommended I go and check it out myself. Then he suggested I go there. The he urged me to go. Then he insisted I go.

A Gloryhole is a hole cut into the wall of a bathroom stall shared with the stall next to it where a guy sticks his cock in and gets it blown by who ever is in the other stall. I'd never even heard of one until Lance explained it. He said there were gloryholes at swingers clubs, and strangers would stick their pole in the hole for strangers to play with.

"You let guys play with your cock," I asked.

"No, every Saturday between 8 and midnight there is a chick that sneaks into the back stall at Frank's Truck Stop."

"She just sucks any cock that comes through the hole," I asked.

"Well, for twenty bucks. You slide the money through the hole, stick your cock through the hole, and she blows you for up to ten minutes."

Lance explained to me that the men's room had two stalls and that she waited in the one near the wall. He said I should go into the other stall.

"You never see who it is, but I'm sure its a woman," Lance said. "Everyone calls her Lucy and whoever she is, she gives an amazing blow job."

The next weekend I went to the truck stop. I told myself that I was just going there to see if it was for real or not. I had no intention of going through with it, at least that is what I kept telling myself. And somehow I was going to make sure it wasn't a dude.

Unlike so many of Lance's stories, there was something about the hole situation that had excited me. I think I spent the entire week with a hard-on at the very thought of getting a real blow job without the grief of dealing with a bitchy chick. It was sort of like going to the auto-mat and getting my cock drained. Just stick your money in the hole, blow your load, and go home. How cool is that!

I am sure I asked Lance more than a hundred times that week if he was bullshitting or if it was for real. He swore to me that it was the truth. I told him that I didn't believe him, but I was going to go there that weekend to check it out. He could tell by my constant questioning that I was really exited by the mere thought of doing it. If the questions didn't give him a clue, he must have noticed that I had a hard-on for the whole week.

I arrived right at 8, but I didn't want to seem too obvious in case some of the others knew what was going on, so I sat at the counter and ordered a cup of coffee. I watched as one after another the guys got up and went into the men's room. After about half an hour I was still nervous about doing it, but also so horny I couldn't wait any longer. Just thinking about it had me oozing cum and there was a nice sized wet spot on my Levis.

The bathroom stunk and was awfully dirty, but who was I to complain? At that point I would have fucked in a barnyard if I had the chance. The restroom was just as Lance had described it, not that restrooms are all that different. There were two urinals on the wall in front of me, and two toilets to the right of them.

I walked over to the first stall and pushed on the door. The door rattled and a deep, angry voice came from inside, "Wait your turn, asshole."

I stepped back and looked around, not sure what to do. The restroom was covered in graffiti. Next to the sink someone had written words inside a heart in red marking pen: "For a good time cum here." Another bit of graffiti said, "Lucy is a whore."

The door to the stall flew open with a bang and I stepped up to the urinals and pretended to pee. A big, muscular, middle aged, trucker passed behind me and said, "its all yours kid," as he walked away, laughing.

I turned and walked into the stall and closed it behind me. I bent over and peeked through the hole which was at about waist level. Two fingers came through the hole and nearly poked me in the eye. I could tell that I was supposed to slide my $20 bill between the ingers.

I fumbled in my Levis and pulled twenty one dollar bills that disappeared through the hole. In a minute a single finger appeared in the hole and motioned for me to insert my cock.

"Sorry about the ones, it's all I got," I said.

Lucy's finger started motioning faster, so I unbuckled and dropped my Levis and stuck my cum dripping prick into the hole. Instantly I felt a warm tongue licking the cum off the head of my cock and I heard a 'yummy' sound coming from the other side of the wall.

I trembled on the verge of cumming when the lips closed around my cock and the hot mouth literally tried to swallow my cock. All those year I was 'edging' while masturbating gave me incredible control or I would have blown a load on the spot.

I had been holding my breath from the anxiety. I exhaled with a contented sigh as I turned control of my cock over to the eager mouth on the opposite side of the wall.

I would never admit it to anyone, but that was the first time ever having actual sexual contact with a woman. All the girls I knew were too much trouble to deal with when I could pleasure myself anytime I liked. The excitement of the experience settled in my balls and I could feel them tingling. Actually, it was because my balls were being tickled and they were trying to hide.

I must have been thinking out loud and said, "Oh shit, its better than I thought it would be", because I heard a garbled 'huh?' from the other side. Lucy realized she was sucking a virgin cock.

I looked down and saw a condom slide under the wall and hit my foot. I wasn't exactly sure what was going to happen, but it was obvious I was supposed to put it on. I picked up the condom. Strange that I stopped to read that it said it provided ribbed pleasure and glowed in the dark. I tore it open and rolled it up the shaft like I had done so many time when I as jerking off and didn't want to make a mess. A side effect of years of edging is that I shoot unbelievably large loads of cum. I thought maybe she didn't like swallowing cum and wanted to catch it in the condom, but as soon as I put my condom covered cock through the hole, it was obvious she was taking it up the ass.

My balls slapped against the wall as I began thrusting my cock through the hole into her waiting ass. The heat inside of her butt was intense. I wasn't expecting it to be so hot, but I liked it a lot. One of the things I had learned from the internet is that there is a thin line between pain and pleasure and for me slapping my balls on the wall was intense pleasure. After 15 minutes or so of agressive thrusting I found myself on the verge of ejaculation and experiencing an orgasm. I pulled my cock back through the hole to savor the pleasure and let my cock cool off a minute so that I wouldn't cum. I heard a sigh of relief from the other stall.

"I'm not done yet," I said, "can I buy more time?"

When I reached down to put the money through the hole I saw her butt was already waiting at the hole and I eagerly resumed fucking her ruthlessly. I was banging so hard I thought the partition was going to break off the wall.

Suddenly a hand appeared on top of the door to my stall and began shaking violently.

"What's going on in there," a gruff sounding trucker demanded.

"I'll be done in a minute," I said, as I pulled my cock back out of the hole. "I'm taking a dump."

"Yeah, well hurry up. I gotta take a dump, too. I'll be waiting outside," the trucker said and I heard the outside door squeek and bang closed as he left the room.

Lucy's finger appeared in the hole and beckoned for me to stick my cock back through the hole. As my throbbing prick re-entered the hole, I felt the condom being pulled off and her lips working on the mushroom head. My cock is average size, a little over 7 inches long and rather skinny, but it has a monster head.

I knew the guy would be back any minute, so I knew I better turn loose of my load in a hurry.

It was a pleasure explosion. I came within seconds. I counted as I felt the cum blasting out of my cock ten times. She took every drop of it directly down her throat. It was the best ejaculation I had ever experienced and Lucy obviously liked it because she keep making 'yummy' sounds and poked my money back through the hole.

"Thanks," I said, "that was the best sex ever. I'll never forget that."

I pulled up my pants in a hurry and headed out the squeeky door when I realized I needed to take a pee and went back to the urinal. As soon as the squeeky door banged closed, the door to the other stall opened and when I looked into the mirror I saw Lance emerge.

He froze on the spot.

"Oh, shit!," I blurted out. I was pissed. "You mean you sit in there sucking dozens of cocks every Saturday night. Jesus Christ, you're a sleazy cock sucking fag."

"Yeah, I'm guess I'm a fag, but I set this whole thing up just so I could suck your cock. There wasn't anyone else. Those other guys were just here to take a dump. Look, the last guy didn't even flush," Lance said, pointing to an 18 inch tird curled up in the toilet bowl of the stall I had just been in. "He was laughing when he left because he didn't flush."

I was speechless for an uncomfortably long time while I finished pissing. Lance looked at me through the mirror with a guilty expression, hoping that he had not ruined our friendship.

"You made a fag out of me, too," I yelled.

"Well, you were really into it. If you hadn't found out, you would have remembered it as the best sex you ever had! You said so. You know that I'll try anything new and I wanted to try sucking a cock and getting fucked. I just wanted to do it with someone that I think is really hot looking and a real man."

I was angry, but I was flattered too. I was cooling down in a hurry as I began to recall how great it was when I was fucking him and he was sucking me.

"Yeah, it was amazing," I said, "and it's true it didn't make any difference who was on the other side of the hole until I knew it was you. Probably most guys wouldn't be so homophobic if they ever had a blow job from another guy."

"Can we still be buds," Lance asked. "I promise never to do anything like that again."

"Hey, there's no need to get carried away," I said, only half joking. "You know, I'm still horny."

"I can fix that," Lance said, opening the squeeky door for me. "Have you noticed there is a conveniently placed hole in the side door to my garage? Would you like me to show it to you now?"

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