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At The Baths - by Peter

It was my first day off in weeks. We had just gotten past the Christmas holiday and I seemed to need total release and relaxation.  Although the risks were well publicized, the baths beckoned.

Fishing my old membership card out of my jewelry box, I headed downtown with my heart racing and cock throbbing.  After checking in at the front desk, where I was issued the standard towel and condom, I moved into the locker room to change into something more comfortable: my towel.

After a  shower abd jacuzzi, I was starting to shake the winter chill from my bones.  There were about  two dozen men wandering around, discretely checking each other out.  Choosing not to rush to cum, I dried off and headed to the TV room, where I sat with three other hot guys in varying states of undress.  One man had a full head of wavy brown hair and a hairy muscular chest and was sitting above me, a bit to my right.  He seemed at first to be absorbed in the video fantasy unfolding on the screen in front of us. I glanced over at him a few times (unnoticed, I thought) and saw his hand was rubbing the meat between his legs.

I screwed up my courage and leaned over and put my hand on his thigh.  He smiled and pulled his cock out towards me as if to shake hands. It was an offer I didn't refuse. I placed my right hand around his shaft and it was a perfect fit.  My fingers just barely made it around his warm soft meat. I have long slender fingers so I knew that this was going to be a nice size snack.

My own cock was already at up at attention weeping in anticipation of this encounter.  I slid over closer to him, still on the step below, and turned over so I was on my knees between his two slim tight legs. With my hands I began to caress his feet and ankles, rubbing the soft curly hair very lightly, tickling and moving up higher.

I watched his cock uncurl as the blood rushed in and it straightened out slowly, majestically, and finally, stood out straight, pointing directly at my mouth. The man attached to this stiff tool was smiling down at me and at his erection.  His dark blue eyes were gentle and he closed them and leaned back again, waiting for me to do my stuff.

I pride myself in my ability to please a man.  After all, I know what feels good to me, so that guides me in my ministrations.  I knew he was ready and willing.  Continuing to rub his legs up and down (on the outside on the way down and inside on the way up) I scratched with my finger nails.

I hadn't touched his cock or balls yet.  Just teasing, I began licking around his crotch, rubbing his inner thighs with my scratchy beard, and finally nipping and licking at his sack.  I sucked on his jawbreaker sized balls, then finally licked at the base of his now throbbing sausage.

I guess because when I am this close to a stiff throbber I am so amazed at my actions, and hard cocks look so huge and wonderful, and I lose control and want a fully stuffed face, that the rest of this is a somewhat hazy recollection.

I started on the tip, holding onto the shaft with both hands and licking in a circular motion, moistening his head and my lips and getting a feel for the size of his purply-red helmet. The pre-cum that I licked out of the slit in the top was clear and sweet, like the clear sap from maple trees.

Holding my head still, I moved his cock back and forth, up and down between my wet lips, tounging it on each pass of my lips.  When I could stand it no longer, I lowered my mouth over the thick shaft.  The first thrust took in half of his tool and on each subsequent try, I got more and more, until I finally was able to bob up and down all the way to his curly hairs.  It seemed marvelous having his hot thing in my mouth.

A feeling of power passed over me, bobbing up and down, truly pleasing someone, no questions asked, no return favors offered. If any time passed, I do not know.  As I continued to suck on that firm, meaty cock, and play with his testicles, I felt one of them begin its rise upward, readying itself to release its load.  I could feel the veins in his cock bulging as his cum pumped up to the head.  I felt his cockhead swell up as it began to spew its load into my mouth; spasming once, then again, and again.  When the spasms stopped, I sucked it all down and felt his meat soften a bit.

He lifted my head off his cockmeat and raised my face to his and softly kissed my lips, gently probing my mouth (cunt) with his tongue.

"My name is Roger," he said, "I hope I see you again soon."

I decided to have a quick shower, so I headed back down to the showers, soaped up and washed all the sweat away. My cock was still hard and I was tempted to jack off right there in front of the other guys showering.  I waited instead in case something else orgasmic was going to occur.

The steam room was usually "hot" so I quickly went inside and walked around to see who was there.  I sat on a tiled surface in one of the corners, away from the action.  Down the hall from me, two men were standing getting acquainted.  There were no spoken words, just feeling and touching with their hands and cocks.  My interest was aroused as a third man approached them, got on his knees and poised his head at crotch level to  watch close up.

Occasionally one of the two men would turn their pelvis his way, allowing him access to their cocks . I watched the back of his head as he bobbed up and down on whichever dick was offered.  They alternated between his mouth and their cock to groin rubbing.  After a few minutes the three of them got up and left.  While I was watching, I had been stroking my cock in my left hand.  I knew I had to get off soon.

A nice looking man approached where I was sitting, introduced himself as Ted, and asked if I would join him in his room.  Since he and the cock bulging behind his towel looked so inviting, I nodded and off we went.

Upon entering his room, he turned and kissed me deeply.  His tongue seemed rough against mine.  I kissed back hugging him tightly  and felt his erection push up into my abdomen. I love standing and hugging.  It offers total access for stroking his arms and legs, squeezing his tight ass, kneading each bun, tickling his back, running my hands through his hair, and stroking his neck and those broad shoulders.

He guided me to the edge of the bed.  I sat down and unfastened his towel, exposing his thick stubby cock.  I had difficulty getting my mouth open wide enough, so I contented myself with licking around and around.

He reached down and pulled my towel off and started pulling on my dick.  God, the feeling of a rough masculine hand was fantastic!  He played with me as I had played with him for a while. He maneuvered me around again until we were in a 69 position. It was so much easier to fit him in my mouth from that angle that I didn't waste a moment gobbling him up.

The upward curve fit right into my mouth. The word "stout" best describes his dick.  It had light, soft pubic hair surrounding the base of the shaft.  He had completely hairless balls.

In the mean time, Ted was deep throating me as well.  My cock was In and out, and he was nibbling on the head at the top of his stroke, and swallowing at the bottom of his stroke.  I had never felt that action on my cock before.  This guy was good!

I finally came, due to his technique.  He ate it all up and released my cock at last.  He had not cum yet, so I asked if he wanted to fuck my ass.  He smiled and rolled over onto his back.   I got on my knees and crawled up to straddle his waist.  I used some of his joy jelly to lube up while he unrolled a condom over his cock.

I slowly lowered my ass onto his fat meat.  I held his dick in place as I worked it into my ass, flexing my pubic muscles to allow easier penetration.  I tensed up, then relaxed, lowering myself a bit farther onto his cock each time I relaxed my muscles.

His cock was probably the fattest I had ever fucked, and the curve placed the tip at my prostate when he was in all the way.  Ted began stroking and pulling on my semi hard cock again and I was getting used to the feel of his salami inside me.  It was hot and wonderful!

As soon as I was used to his size, I began to rock back and forth, flexing my anal muscles.  Ted commented on how good that felt to him, so I did my best to continue, although it became difficult as the muscles were getting tired.  I changed from rocking to a bouncing motion, using my legs to lift up and down, faster and faster until I was too tired to move.

We rolled over so Ted could continue to plow in and out of my tight ass.  He was standing, my ass was at the edge of the bed, my legs locked around his hips, and i  spurred him on as he increased his pace, slamming into me at a bed squeaking pace.
I reached between us to stroke myself and no sooner than I touched my cock, my prostrate sent a tingling sensation through my body and I came more violently that I ever had before.  My body shook uncontrollably.  All my muscles went crazy, spazming and contracting out of control.  Ted continued to slam-fuck my ass and I guess that is not unlike what a woman feels like when orgasming.  The lucky dogs.

Ted again shifted my position until I was on my knees and then he fucked me doggy style. Although this hurt a bit, due to the angle of his dangle, I could tell he was almost ready to spill his load so I began to flex my ass muscles each time he withdrew.  I grabbed at his balls and gently squeezed when he began to come.  He stopped stroking and I could feel the contractions of his cock inside of me as he came.  His body trembled as his cock released its load into my ass.

He slumped over and we lay together, gently kissing and holding onto each other while the trembling subsided.  I could feel his cock as it began to shrink and soften, then finally slide out of my sore hot ass. Ted said goodbye, so I got up, took my towel and left the room.

The End.


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