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Three Friends - By Baldcock

For all the messages and stories I read on here, I often wonder how much of the talk actually results in action. Well, I'm going to share with you a TRUE STORY --- one of several between the three of us and one of several between my best friend and me. I've changed the names except for my own. I hope you enjoy this bisexual 3-way story that took place in Los Angeles, California.

I had the most wonderful one night back in the Fall of 1992 with my wife, Julie and best friend, Brad. After attending a baby shower, the three of us drove separately to our home, never intending for anything to happen --- at least not this time. We talked and had many beers by the fire and finally began massage. Brad helped Julie relax by massaging her shoulders, real hard at first and then more gently. He straddled her back as she lay down. I watched. After he took his shirt off his HUGE smooth chest, she straddled him and massaged his back. I straddled his legs and massaged Julie's shoulders, then her butt and finally started on Brad's butt.  

The three of us are good friends, all good-looking and have done this before, the last time was a year earlier. Brad and I have even messed around by ourselves while we were drunk on bachelor trips out at the Colorado River. No head games here --- just good clean (and safe) sex. Brad and I have known each other for 12 years and had our first encounter with a blond girlfriend of mine. I guess he got into bi-sex after that because he realized that I wouldn't freak-out and that he didn't feel weird about it either.

Anyway, Julie is blond, 29 at the time, with brown eyes, small tits and very tight pussy, nice butt and great personality. She gives great head too. I was 31 at the time, blond hair, green eyes, 5-9, 150 with big smooth balls. Brad was 23 at the time (Julie and I both like `em young! Their dicks stay up constantly), brown eyes, brown hair, about 5-11, 200 pounds of solid smooth muscle. The only hair on his body are his pubes and under his arms. That's a real turn on for me. His dick is about 6 inches just like mine, average thickness, but boy does he know how to use it! He fucks like a stallion, unlike, me who likes the slow and rhythmic approach. He has a real nice ass but doesn't get fucked (nor do I although I do enjoy fingers and other objects in my hole). He's also generally just a top in front of a female. The only time he's sucked my dick or otherwise fondled me is when we were by ourselves and supposedly "drunk." Brad was married at the time and I know he had been very faithful. It's too bad his wife didn't enjoy swinging or even putting out alot for him. He'd often told me how often he'd have to masturbate to keep from going crazy instead of going outside of his marriage for sex. I guess I didn't count though since I was the only one, male or female, he did it with besides his wife.

After the massage, it was up to the sofa where Brad kissed her while I got some more beer from the kitchen. He had his hands under her sweater squeezing her tits and tonguing her mouth. I came in brushed the hair out of her eyes, lowered my jams and shoved my slowly hardening dick in her mouth. Brad slid down, pulled off her pants and shoved his tongue in her wet twat. I pulled out of her mouth, walked over to Brad and started undoing his pants. He stood up, dropped them in about two seconds and aimed his already hard boner at her pussy. In he went! No fuss.

I guess he was hot from all the small talk and foreplay because he wasn't in there for more than 3 minutes before he pulled out. I had returned to shoving my dick into Julie's mouth and she had finally relaxed enough to take both my smooth big balls and my cock into her mouth at the same time (boy, that REALLY turns me on --- guess because I can do that to men also). Well as Brad pulled out, I leaned down to try and intercept his flying spunk in my mouth but couldn't quite reach as it flew all over Julie's stomach. I grabbed his dick and continued to milk it and then picked up some of his sperm and dropped it into Julie's waiting mouth and smeared the rest on her face and stomach. I gave her a big wet sloppy kiss and I too enjoyed Brad's taste.

Now it was off to the TV room and the sofa in there. Julie started sucking Brad trying to get him hard again. She was real hot for his hard dick. I was humping Julie doggie style on the sofa as Brad sat next to us and watched and got sucked. It didn't take him more than five minutes. Now I wanted in on the cock sucking too so I moved around Julie and took both his nuts into my mouth slowly working my way up his shaft on the other side of her. We sucked Brad this way for about five minutes before Julie stood him up, moved around to his butt and began licking his butthole. I picked up sucking his dick where she had left off and almost brought him to orgasm while Julie stuck her tongue in his butt.

Once he was hard again, he couldn't wait to get back in the saddle again and as he sat her up doggie style. I said that I wanted in on this and quickly crawled under her in a 69 position. As she lunged down on my hard cock, I shoved my tongue into her pussy, only to be pushed out of the way by Brad's rod. For the next 15 minutes I was in heaven. I licked at Julie's pussy, savoring her juices on Brad's cock as it slid in and out of her and lapped at Brad's balls, all smooth and bouncing up and down on my nose as they became covered with pussy juice. I had fantasized about this many times and had even done it several times with Brad before, but I can never get enough of that position!

Finally, we decided to change positions, but not before Brad sat his butt squarely down on my face so that I too could savor his hairless crack with my tongue. Julie had stood up on the sofa facing away from Brad and bent over pushing her snatch and asshole right into Brad's face. Brad gave her asshole the same sensuous licking that I was giving his.

After a few minutes of this, Julie sat at the edge of the sofa and Brad began pounding her cunt while standing and me forcing my dick into her face from the side above both of them with Brad only inches from my dick. Did I dare grab the back of his head and force him to suck me. We'd done it before. Oh, well, it just didn't seem right just yet; maybe he'd initiate this on his own (generally, he's very top and macho protective although not in a "straight", "asshole" sort of way). Anyway, I needed to cum and as I stroked myself a few more times unleashed seven long ropey loads onto Julie's face and into her mouth --- I even sent an unusually long, thick squirt against the side of Brad's face! That big old glob just hung there as Brad continued to pound away at Julie until it got to the bottom of his chin where Julie put out her tongue and tenderly took my jism into her mouth.

I was hoping we'd graduate into some golden showers at this point but again, it just didn't seem to fit into the evening. And Julie still hadn't cum. Guess she'd had a few too many beers. A word of note at this point, THE CHEMISTRY BETWEEN EVERYONE MUST BE RIGHT! Otherwise you're asking for disaster! Go with the flow!

So now it was off to the bedroom for the last session of fucking. Having just cum, I decided to slip on a steel cockring and slipped another one onto Brad while Julie got into position on the bed. While I began eating Julie, Brad commented about my lack of pubic hair and Julie's neatly trimmed bush and played with my dick and balls for a few minutes. As I lay on my side eating cunt, Brad gingerly took my shaft into his mouth right down to the cockring while Julie watched. He commented again on the smooth look and how maybe next time the two of us could shave what little hair he had. I was getting very hard just thinking about taking this big stud and removing that pubic bush, knowing he'd have to grope for an explanation to his wife.

After getting me fully hard, Brad lay Julie on her side and entered her from behind with me once again squeezing my head between that cock and pussy and slurping up their fuck juices. After getting my face good and messy, we sandwiched Julie, with me slipping my dick into her pussy next to Brad's. It didn't take long for Julie to cum as she gushed pussy juices all over our dicks. As I faced Julie, I continued to hump her cunt from the front while Brad fucked her cunt from behind.

Brad pulled out shortly thereafter, climbed over the two of us and straddled our faces as he shot his load into our two upturned mouths. He tasted so good and managed to squeeze out 8 (!) long cum streams (young guys seemingly always have backed up balls that shoot big loads!). When he was done, Julie and I each began to lick his softening member, savoring the taste and washing that beautiful cock and ballsack clean with our tongues. Julie and I both enjoy watching a cock on a good-looking boy squirt cum. It's just such a turn on to us. We were all pretty tired and I didn't shoot another load at that time. Brad mumbled something about getting home to his wife that night, although I urged him to stay with us the way he'd done the previous time.

Anyway, he took off the cockring, handed it back to me and began dressing as I stood there naked with nothing on but my cockring and talked to him about having lunch next week. After he left I went back to bed very tired and too drunk to do it again at that point. Until 4 am that is, but that's another story.....

Hope you all have enjoyed this. I'm not a professional writer but the three of us had such a good time, I just felt I had to share this with others. We're interested in correspondence from others who enjoyed this story. We have had other similar encounters and have photos and GIF files of us to share with other adults interested in this lifestyle.

***** BALDCOCK *****

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