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He Said "Well Hung"

I remember corresponding with a guy named Tom over the Internet, who claimed to be well hung and wanted to fuck my brains out.  Well, guys tend to exaggerate, but we agreed to meet at his place.

I arrived at his house and we got right to work.  As we were hugging I felt his crotch.  It felt like Tom had a big cucumber in his pants. I got on my knees to get a better look at the monster and tried to suck him hard. It was at least 10 inches long and as round as a pop can.  I could only fit the head in my mouth, it was too large.

He said " I'm goin' to widen your ass out good!"

Tom found some lube and I lay on my back in his bed. He lifted my legs and worked one greased up finger into my eager ass. I was thinking I could never fit him into me, then I felt another finger penetrate, then a third. Then he flipped me over and got me on my hands and knees. I Knew what was coming next, as my ass cheeks were spread, and I felt a big head try to enter. He got about two inches in and I let out a big moan. He pulled out and told me to relax.

Tom tried to enter again, this time he drove it maybe 7 inches in before he stopped and pulled it out again. He greased up his tool again and put the head to my loose asshole and pushed. The dick went deep into my ass and I  let out another moan.

He said "Im balls deep in your ass!"

I felt between my legs and felt his balls, but no dick .  All 10 inches of his thick cock was in my ass. He began slow long thrusts. I thought I was getting reamed by a baseball bat!!!. Then he started long forceful strokes that sent shock waves through my ass.  All i could do is moan, and take it, making gurgling sounds as he pounded me doggy style.

Then he started using circular motions that really stretched my hole. He pulled his massive cock out and flipped me on my back.

He said "Now I'm going to ruin your asshole. I want you to watch your ass as I fuck you"

He put my legs above my head, and spread my ass cheeks again. I looked down at my ass which was wide open.  You could see inside.  I saw the monster cock approach and he put the head in and slammed all 10 inches deep in my ass.  I screamed from the sudden invasion.  I took a dicking in this position, like I never have.  He was like a jackhammer on my ass. Every thrust, he bottomed out in my ass, making it feel like it was all the way in my stomach.

Tom pulled out of my ass with a popping sound.  My ass was sloppy and loose. He told me to lay on my side, and was going to dick me from the side. I did as I was told.  I felt his fingers enter instead of his dick. "Im going to fist your small ass" he said as he pushed 4 fingers all the way in up to his knuckles.  But my ass was fully stretched and could go no more. He stopped in frustration, then sunk the massive cock back into my now abused asshole. With one big thrust the dick entered sideways, penetrating new zones.  Then he sank one finger in also for the ultimate stretching.

I grunted at the feeling of my asshole being expanded.

"Fuck my ass, I love it" I said.

He started jacking me off and I came in gut wrenching orgasms as my pulsating ass gripped his 10 inch cock.

Tom came hard (a good twenty minutes later), squirting all over my belly.  My ass was loose, for the next 3 days.

When I came back a week later, Tom said he had a surprise for me.  He opened the bedroom door and now some hand cuffs and bondage restraints were present, where a another man was adjusting the equipment.

"This is Ken.  He wants a piece of your ass too. We're going to tie you up and double team you!"

My dick got immediately hard, and I was ready. I had prelubed my ass and loosened it up before arriving. Soon I was taking the massive cock in my horny hole again. Ken watched me getting fucked while stroking his 8 inch hard on.

"Get the restraints!  Lets have some fun,  Ken." He said as he pulled out his cock.   I moved into position laying on my back. One guy held my legs high as the other, strapped the restraints around my ankles. The chains were linked to a common wheel which Ken turned to fully hold me in the fucking position.

Now both guys were gazing at my loose asshole, prodding it with their fingers.  Ken took the lead.  I was loose and he was smaller than the other guy.  He entered quickly, and punished my asshole for a good 10 minutes before cumming.  He immediately withdrew and the massive 10 inch cock was ready to invade again.

He was so hot from watching me get dicked and was rock hard with no intention of being gentle. He pumped with long, ass busting strokes.  I was heavily moaning on each downstroke and he came quickly.  As soon as I thought they were done, Ken managed to get under me, so I was laying on my back on top of him. He slipped his cock in my sore asshole and began working me again. This was turning Tom on because he could get a real good view of the abuse my asshole was getting and his 10 inch cock was getting hard again.

When I thought I could not take anymore, Tom left and Ken continued sodomizing my asshole. Tom returned with a dildo about the size of Kens cock. Ken pulled out because Tom had other ideas. Tom eased the dildo in, then ordered Ken to do the same with his cock!!!

Ken eased it in and  I had TWO HUGE COCKS  in my ass!  Tom was working the dildo and Ken was pumping from the bottom.  I was moaning like a motor boat.  I could not hold back and came all over myself.

I was dicked for over two hours that day. Those guys wore me out, my ass hole was sore for a whole week.

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