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The Bookstore - True Story by Jack Bulldog

While in Amsterdam, Holland (The Netherlands), waiting to change trains on my way to Munich, I found myself with three free hours before my train would leave. It was the middle of a bitter cold North Sea winter storm and I was bored with sitting in the freezing cold train station. I decided to walk a few short blocks and visit The National Sex Museum. I had seen it on another trip to Amsterdam, but didn't have time to take the tour.

Holland has a very permissive attitude about sex and drugs, and in Amsterdam, both are available even in almost any neighborhood. Before I had walked as far as the sex museum I found myself standing in front of one of those notorious Amsterdam sex shops.

In Amsterdam the sex shops display the cock rings, dildo's, and plastic assholes in the front window for anyone to see. Just window shopping the sex toys was making me hot and horny despite the ten degree weather. I could see through the window that the store was as big as a supermarket with a department for every fetish. It was like the Pleasure Chest in Hollywood only much bigger and even better. Unlike the sex shops in the US, it was brightly lit with two or three foot display cases so that I could see everyone in the huge store. I decided to go inside and kill some time and possibly get warmed up. I thought I might even find some good erotica that isn't available in The States.

Once inside, I found my way to the gay magazine section. Although the leather scene had never interested me, I picked up a gay leather magazine with a hot Dutch or German leatherman on the cover. The guy on the magazine cover was blonde with a muscular arms and chest that reminded me of a picture of a blacksmith I had seen in a book when I was in grade school. He had a tiny waist and his body was arched back. His cock was hanging out of his black leather chaps. It wasn't an unusually long cock, but it was uncut and as fat as any cock I had ever seen in person. There was a tattoo of a chain that followed the path of a thick blood vessel that started at the base of the head, circled over the top of the shaft and then disappeared behind his hairless testicles.

"Where do they find these guys so willing to show it all off for the camera" I thought to myself.

At thirty five I was so shy that I always wore a towel in the locker room at the gym back home.

The magazine I was holding was called "DE S-EMMER", and even I didn't need an interpreter for that. The guy on the cover was shooting cum without any physical stimulation and the camera somehow caught it in mid-air. It looked to me like a measuring cup of cum in one big long glob. Even in a still picture I could sense the force behind it. The stream of cum was several feet long and it went off the edge of the page. I imagined it never ended.

My heart was beating twice it's normal speed and my cock was so hard I threw the magazine back on the shelf for fear I might cum in my pants.

"Ser gut ledermann und jeansboys nah?"

I was startled because the blonde man speaking to me was so close we were touching and I had not even noticed him. He grabbed my arm to steady me as I backed away.

You're the guy in the picture" I said, pointing at the magazine. He nodded to acknowlege it was him in the picture, but I was so stunned that by the time I had my wits about me he was already walking away. At the back of the store he stopped momentarily and turned to look back at me. His hand went to his crotch and he gently massaged what was obviously a hardon showing through his leather chaps. He lifted the black curtain covering the doorway and then disappeared into the darkness. Tivoli lights surrounded a sign over the door that said "homo video".

I had never been to a sex shop theater but I was curious, I had time to kill, it was cold outside, and I was sure the leatherman wanted me to follow him. Even if he didn't, I could sit in the back row of the theater and unbutton my levi's to let some of the pressure off my cock that was still hard as a sledge hammer.

I went behind the curtain and stood against the back wall of the theatre for a moment while my eyes adjusted to the light. The screen was as big as a movie screen but it was a TV screen showing what seemed like a home video. I was intrigued by the sincerity and enthusiasm of the star. He was slowly stroking his cock and he was obviously enjoying every stroke. He wasn't phony like so many of the "gay for pay" porno actors in The States.

As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I could see there were hundreds of men in the theater and most of them were stroking their cocks along with the actor on the screen. For some reason I was surprised. I thought stroking my cock in a dark theatre was an original idea.

I looked around the dimly lit room hoping to find the leatherman, but he had vanished from sight. I was still over heated from the steamy magazine and my encounter with the leatherman. I needed to wash the sweat off my face to cool down. There was a sign at the front of the theater that said "Herren Toiletten". I moved slowly toward the door, looking down each aisle at all the hard cocks, and trying hard not to be caught looking. I was amazed. I couldn't believe it. It was like I had died and gone to heaven. I had never seen anything like it before. It was like nothing I had ever imagined or fantasized. There were hundreds of good looking horny young men and they were all jacking off.

Without the light from the movie, the toilet was even darker than the theater. There was a loudspeaker high on the wall subtly broadcasting the moaning and sucking sounds from the theatre. In spite of the darkness, I could tell it was a large room. There was a long row of old fashioned wash basins along the wall. Instead of urinals, there was a tiled trough on the floor and men were pissing into it from both sides. There were quite a few men pissing and several others were just watching, and a few were on their knees drinking the pis. Some of the men were leaning against the wall with their pants hanging below their knees while they stroked their meat. It appeared to be strictly a jack-off scene. There wasn't any sucking or fucking going on anywhere in the room.

I went to the trough and opened my levi's, but my cock was still so hard I couldn't pee. As I stood waiting for the pressure of my hardon to subside enough to take a pis, a hand reached across the trough to touch my cock. I raised my head and saw the Dutch leatherman standing across from me.

I unzipped my sweatshirt to cool off. My pulse was going crazy again.

"I want him" I said to myself. There were several men gathered around us, seemingly waiting for a signal to join in on our action.

The leatherman stood out in the room because there was a narrow beam of light shining through a crack in the ceiling onto his blonde hair.

He raised his arm slightly, reached under the leather vest, and wiped the sweat from his armpit. He raised his hand for me to smell it. I was grossed out by his gesture, but for some unknown reason, I complied with his request and smelled it anyway. Again, I was surprised. It smelled good. The aroma of his armpits was like an aphrodisiac and I felt the blood pumping even harder into my cock. I had never been so close to orgasm without any kind of physical stimulation. I wasn't sure what he had in mind and I wondered what this might be leading up to, but it didn't matter at this point as I was ready for anything.

He lowered his hand to touch my crotch but I gently pushed it aside knowing I would cum in the trough if he touched my drooling cock. He sensed my dilemma and diverted his strong arms inside my open sweatshirt and in an instant it was on the floor. As he pulled me into a tight embrace I felt his strong chest and hard nipples press against me like spikes protruding from a board.

I had been with hundreds of men in my time, but I had never felt a body as firm, hard, and smoothe as his. He was incredibly muscular and well defined, but he was freakish like the steroid pumped body builders at the gym back home. His arms must were as hard as one of those stainless steel robots you see running amuck in the movies.

He pressed his lips against mine and when my head went back, the beam of light flashed on his eyes. They were unusual and beautiful. They were a very pale blue and the color reminded me of a robin's egg, but the beam of light made them glow like a neon sign in the dark. I had heard that the eyes are the window to the soul. I felt I had looked into the soul of a loving and caring man, but the muscles, leather, and tattoo presented a different image. I was apprehensive about getting involved in some kind of kinky leather scene but the shine of his gentle eyes put me at ease and I relaxed as his tongue slipped into my mouth.

It seemed as if every nerve in my body was connected directly to my cock. Everything he touched made my cock throb. My drooling cock rubbed against his leather pants and the sensation nearly made me shoot my load all over his chaps.

As he began to pull his tongue out of my mouth I sucked to keep it in. Just when I started to suck he breathed into my mouth and my lungs filled with his breath. The sensation was incredible and his breath seemed to go directly to my cock and inflate it even more.

I could feel the clear gel "pre-cum" had lubricated a large area of his leather chaps. When my cock rubbed against them, it felt like I was like getting a gentle blow job. The warmth of his leg came through the leather and my cock began to spring up and down, rubbing against the now hot and slippery leather.

I let his breath escape through my nose and inhaled again from his mouth. Whether it was the nitrogen, the oxygen, or something else, I don't know, but his breathing into my lungs made my head feel light and my cock even more sensitive.

"Wollen wir ins kino gehen?" he whispered. I felt the warm air from his mouth inside my ear and I was aroused to a new level. I didn't understand a word he said but it didn' t really matter because I was completely out of control.

He put his hand on my cock and pulled me across the trough and through the crowd of men that had surrounded us. He led me through a curtain hanging over a doorway at the end of the trough. He continued to drag me by my cock up a few steps and through another curtain draped doorwary. We emerged from the curtain onto the stage in front of the giant TV screen.

Before I knew what was happening to me, my hands were over my head and I was handcuffed to a chain hanging from somewhere in the catwalks above. I was terrified. I was in a foreign country, I didn't speak the language, I was handcuffed with my hands over my head, I was on a stage in front a hundred hot looking men, I was bare chested, my cock was sticking out of my levis, I had the hardest hardon I ever had, I was being seduced by the best looking man I had ever known, and I wans't sure what kind of kinky scene these people might be celebrating.

"What in the hell is he going to do to me" I thought to myself. "Am I going to be tortured?"

My thoughts were interrupted when the audience began applauding. I was about to start yelling for help when he kissed me again. I didn't have the strength or means to resist, but somehow I felt wonderfully comfortable anyway. I began to relax and enjoy the stimulation without any inhibitions or guilt feelings because now it was out of my control. I had no choice but to surrender my body to his every desire. The only thing I could control now was my ejaculation.

A few of the men from the toilet had followed us onto the stage and the leatherman said something to them in Dutch or German. Two of the men came up to us. One of the men unbuttoned the top button of my levis and the other man unzipped the leatherman's pouch and pulled out his stiff, thick cock. The two men pulled off my boots and Levis, leaving me completely naked except for my socks boots the handcuffs.

I couldn't see anything that was going on in the audience but I could hear the unmistakable sound of greasy hands sliding up and down hundreds of hard and horny cocks.

With his tongue still in my mouth, the leatherman turned me so that my ass was exposed to the audience and I was facing the screen. The audience cheered and when I opened my eyes I was shocked to see myself bigger than life on the screen.

On the screen I could see my cock throbbing and I knew it was from watching the kiss. I had always liked French kissing but now it didn't matter whether I liked it or not because I was powerless to resist. This kiss went beyond any kiss I had ever experienced before.

The leatherman began sucking air from my lungs and the turn-on was even more exciting than when he breathed into my lungs. The camera zoomed in on his cock as he took my breath away. I could see the head of his expanding and contracting as if he was cuming without shooting. I shared his "dry" orgasm and thought I could feel my balls retract as high as my throat.

The thought of him being on the verge of cumming brought me closer to shooting and I felt challenged to keep from cumming myself. Not cumming was the only power I had left. I focused all my power on resisting ejaculation. I wondered if he might suck me or jacked me off.

Maybe he is going to try fucking me or torturing me or something bizarre and kinky. After all, I thought, he is wearing leather and he might be a sadist. Under normal circumstances his cock would have been a welcome addition to my mouth or my ass, but I was on stage in front of a hundred horny men and I began to wonder if things could get out of hand and I would be gang raped or something worse.

The camera moved from his cock to mine and I could see the mushroom head of my cock was drooling a stream of "pre-cum" onto the floor. Seeing my cock in such detail was an incredible turn-on.

The embarrassment and shyness I had felt when I first discovered I was on stage had turned to a feeling of power. After all, not everyone could keep a cock rock hard while completely naked in front of an eager audience of a hundred of masturbating men. I began to enjoy the validation I was getting from everyone jacking off at the sight of my drooling cock.

I hoped the leatherman would suck on my cock, but instead he sucked on my tongue and it felt like he was sucking on my cock. We swapped spit and I imagined it was the hot liquid dripping from his fat cock.

Suddenly the leatherman stepped back about five feet, raised his hands over his head as if he was lifting a barbell, and with his hands still over his head, he leaned back and aimed his stiff prick straight at me and began cumming in a steady stream as if he were taking a pis. At first the stream of cum hit me on the chest and dripped off my nipples onto the floor, but with his hands still in the air, he adjusted his aim and shot the hot cum onto the head of my stiff cock. In the corner of my eye, I could see on the screen that the hot cum and cool Amsterdam air was making steam rise from my cock.

As soon as his hot cum touched my cock I felt my cock throbbing harder and harder and I could see the mushroom head swelling larger and larger on the screen. Even though I could see no cum was spurting out yet I knew I had passed the point of no return and I knew that soon I would see the giant image of my cock shooting cum at the camera.

I could feel the orgasm happening but the cum was still not shooting. I could sense the anticipation in the audience. It was as if the cum was in my toes instead of my balls and it had to travel all the way up my leg before it came shooting out the end of my cock. It was taking a very long time to get to the head of my cock and I felt a hundred orgasms while the cum searched to find a way out of my body.

I thrust my loins at the audience and a man in the front row stood up and with a loud groan shot his load up onto the floor of the stage.

My cum was on its way and there was no stopping it now. The leatherman resumed kissing me and breathing into my lungs again. Someone in the catwalk pulled the chain tighter until I was standing on my toes.

I heard a yell from the catwalk and a shower of hot cum began falling on us. Still standing on my toes and I thrust my loins and began shootinga stream of cum across the stage into the audience. Ordinarily I might shoot six or seven blobs of cum, but this time I shot and shot and shot and shot.

Even though I was handcuffed, I felt in control of my orgasm. I felt I had the power to keep shooting as long as I wanted to, and I did.

I must have shot more than a dozen times and the audience began to applaud. The man that had pulled my pants off put his hand in front of my cock and I shot cum in his palm. He held his hand up to the audience, then licked the cum into his mouth. Several men from the audience clammered to get under the shower of cum and stuck out their tongues, hoping to taste my sweet jiz. One of the men from the audience climbed onto the stage and began licking the cum. The man looked up at me and I knew he wanted me to shoot in his face. I adjusted my aim and continued to shoot in his face.

The audience was screaming and yelling and hooting and hollering and suddenly I found myself surrounded by dozens of men, all jacking and shooting cum at me and each other

. Because of this experience, I have become a devoted exhibitionist and masturbator, spending most of my Saturdays putting on jack off shows. Sometimes a jackoff session lasts as much as six hours. I have discovered the exact point of orgasm and have perfected jacking to this point as frequently as every five minutes, fully enjoying the sensation of orgasm without act ually shooting. When I decide to cu m, I am a "power shooter" and my copius loa ds reach up to ten feet. Sometimes I shoot huge, hot loads of cum as many as twelve times in six hours.

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