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Sunday Afternoon - By Baldcock

A Sunday Afternoon at the Flex Complex (or Two Cuties do Outdoor Watersports)
A True Story in Los Angeles, California in 1993

So I go the Flex Complex on Sunday, July 18. It's 2pm. Like, it's kinda cool to lay out nude and get a tan all over. Some guys like the tan lines. I never did. Quite a few men there but don't see much I like so I lay out by the pool awhile. Have my nuts pumped real big and all my pubic hair shaved. Got a tan all over from going to the nude beach at Rincon and the ones in the mountains. I cruise about for awhile looking for some cute dude to unload my full bladder on.

Have my third beer (discretely hidden in a Pepsi can). Cruise the steam room; nothing. Cruise the sauna; nothing. Another beer. Cruise the video room; nothing. Back to the pool. More beer. Cute dude across the other side of the pool. Slender. No fat. Nice butt. Walks around holding his towel around his waist exposing about an inch of each buttcheek. Nice. Gawd, he looks like Keanu Reeves with a 3-day growth of stubble. Probably a surfer too. Excellent. Big fat guy cruises me. Bogus. The last time I was here, I managed to get it on with a boy who must have just had his 18th birthday that day. He had been really cute, buffed and almost hairless.

Finally, in a hallway, I run headlong into Keanu, the kid. He can't be more than 24 years old, maybe less, hard to tell in the dim light. He's even better looking up close and in person --- reminds me ALOT of Keanu Reeves. Great bubble butt, a 7-inch boner peaking out from under his towel and low hanging balls just waiting to pump their juice down some babe's throat. Do I feel lucky?

I say "Hi" as I walk by. He says "hi." We turn, look at each other and immediately grope each other's baskets. Smiles all around. "I could suck on those balls for hours" he says to me. And I say "I could suck on this beautiful dick for hours." I ask him if he's got a room. No. "Wanna go find a private corner?" "No. Let's do it here where everyone can see." I think to myself "Cool, I'm into it." I've got his towel off and his bone is up to its full 7 inches. Beautiful dick. Nice head. I'm about to drop to my knees but he keeps fondling my nuts. He doesn't want to let go and starts squeezing real hard. twisting. Turning. A few people walk by and he asks me if it hurts. "No" I say. I like it. I tell him about vacuum pumping and he's really into it. Killer. I wisk I could have him for a whole weekend.

Shit! My bladder is dying for relief. His blowjob in the hallway has got to wait. Hoping against all odds that this adorable boy was into it, I said "I have to pee like a race horse first." He responded with an "oooooh." So I ask him if he's be into a little water sports. He responded with an enthusiastic "YES! Are you into that too?" I say "big time, bud" and lead him outside, around the corner behind the pool equipment to a private area with a park bench and shade trees. Cars are rushing down Melrose Boulevard just a few feet away on the other side of a 12-foot high fence. I position the bench in the warm sunlight hoping someone might stumble on our little escapade. How erotic!

I sit him down and he immediately begins licking my balls and fondling my cock. I tell him that I really can't wait any longer and began to piss on his chest. I stop, stand on the bench, hold his chin and begin to unload on his neck, chest, dick, legs, shooting my golden stream all over with wild abandon not caring what I hit or who sees us. Suddenly he says, "I'm gonna cum!" and I stop peeing, drop to the ground and help him shoot his load all over my thigh and stomach. Gaaaawd, is this ever a hot scene. And he's just so fucking cute! I wish there had been people watching. We both would have gotten off on that. Unfortunately, he had to go and I still had a half a bladder full of piss and two huge balls full of sweet cum to unload.

Cruise around again; nothing going on. Finish my last beer. Back to the bench. Spray that golden stream all over myself, onto the bench and all around while a young Hispanic dude watches and plays with himself. We head to the steam room separately. Another cute young guy with a big cock that he keeps stroking shows up in awhile and the three of us head into a "cubicle" --- public but that'll do for me. I proceed to suck off the 2nd guy while the Hispanic boy watches. He shoots quietly as I countinue to suck. I back off and begin to cum. The kid I'm sucking on starts to shoot his load as a fourth guy fondles his chest from behind. A fifth man watches from the second row of tiled steam room benches. Everyone goes. It's 5pm. No more beers. Time to go. One more quick piss. Shower. Gotta get back to the "real" world. What a great 1/2-day adventure. Guess I'll go back again next Sunday.

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